First iPod Widget


The first iPod widgets have been released, and I’m really digging this one. TipKal ($5) is an easy-to-use tip calculator with instant check-splitter that can be loaded onto any color screen iPod from either a PC or Mac. To use TipKalc, you just spin your iPod’s click wheel until your bill amount is displayed and the widget automatically calculates 15% and 20% tip amounts, grand totals, and splits the check up to five ways.

Check TipKal Here


7 responses to this post.

  1. i don’t even look at my iPod screen for anything other than the time -_-


  2. This would be useful if I wasn’t so anti-Ipod! hehehe


  3. @Laialy

    I do that too but this one seems kinda nifty.


    Haha yeah I got that from some of your posts. I understand that if you would think that iPod is overrated, but it really has some nice features.


  4. Is there an API or other documentation to make iPod widgets? I didn’t even know this was possible!


  5. And how do you install this onto a first-generation iPod nano? I’m a bit skeptical about purchasing this without knowing any of these details. I don’t recall seeing anything in iTunes that lets me install applications onto my nano.


  6. Posted by Maverick on December 20, 2009 at 12:14 pm

    For more info go here. Awesome website


  7. Is this widget really useful? How to install? Can you provide more information? Thanks.


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