Jerry Maguire


Remember Tom Cruise’s film Jerry Maguire? I really don’t know what it is, but whenever it’s on, I get hooked easily and watch it like I have never seen it before. It has this “a feel good movie” written all over it, and the right combination of comedy, drama, and romance. God knows how many times I tried to copy Tom Cruise’s hairstyle in the movie in my teen years; I thought it’s the best haircut I have ever seen. Also, Renée Zellweger was so damn cute in this movie; I thought of her as the ideal blonde cutesy. Of course, it will be absurd not to mention my affection to one of the famous movie quotes of all time that I usually use it whenever somebody say “Hello” to me and then asked me for a forever, and I go:

“You had me at hello”, I’ll do it.


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  1. True, was on tonight, and I watched it like I have never seen it before too. I think Tom Cruise is a grear actor, but unstable in real life.


  2. is this the movie with



  3. heheheh Laialy, yes it is. Don’t you just love that line?


  4. @NYChick

    Yeah, I caught it on TBS, and since you live in NY, I think that’s the channel you saw it from. I think he was stable in his real life before he met Katty Holmes.


    Yup yup that’s the one and this is also a famous quote from the movie too.


  5. Angelo this is one of my favorite movies and this what made me like Tom Cruise and Cuba Gooding Jr. ! Show me the MOnnneeeeyyy!!! hehehe

    He had so much heart in the movie I can’t get enough and I watch it every once in a while, good movie with good people and real heart! Gets to me every time!


  6. @Marzouq

    It gets me every time too…and kinda reminds me the days I watched MBC attentively even when their movies were “re-runs” 🙂

    I cannot believe this movie is 11 years old though.


  7. It makes us feel damn old!!!


  8. It’s so strange to read all you guys like that movie! 🙂

    It’s well known as one of the hugest chick flick ever!! I’m glad you are all in touch with your soft side… I find it cute in men! 😉


  9. @Marzouq

    Yeah, I cannot believe I was 10 years younger the first time I saw it.


    Are you kidding…I’m like the biggest fan of chick flicks…I sure love them 🙂

    Although, I don’t think Jerry Maguire really falls to the chick flick category. I mean the drama surpasses the amount of romance yet it has a balanced amount of comedy. Or maybe it is…I don’t really know LOL


  10. Posted by azooz on April 6, 2007 at 3:51 pm

    thats totaly true …..not only this film but there is many likr forest gump, mean girls, leagly blond, etc
    this si a nice question for film theory …. how we get submersed in films; espacialy those that makes us feel great…


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