The Average Guy & His TV


If you are into surveys and percentages, then you are going to have a hoot out of this one. The theme of this survey is TV.

2 Hours

Amount of time the average guy watches TV daily.


Percentage of average viewers who have cable.

Deal Or No Deal

Game show the average guy wishes he could be a contestant on.

The Amazing Race

Reality show the average guy is sure he could kick butt on.

America’s Next Top Model

Television talent show the average guy would love to judge.

Rachel Ray

Food Network host who brings the average guy to a slimmer.

HGTV (Home & Garden Television)

Somewhat girlie network the average guy watches on the sly.


Percentage of prime-time viewers who switch channels to skip commercials.

7 in 10

Numbers of men who think TV is better now than 10 years ago.


Percentage of men who own a high-definition TV.


Number of remotes in the average guy’s TV viewing area.


Percentage of the daytime television audience that’s male.


7 responses to this post.

  1. looool! Mine is higher… alot higher! hehehe and I got 5 remotes in the basement not including my room! hehehehe


  2. I’m a guy when it comes to TV 😛
    I’d win the Amazing race and I so wanna judge ANTM 😛

    I have 5 remotes too MZzee hehehe


  3. @Marzouq

    I have 2, one is my TV remote and the other for is my digital cable remote. I don’t have a DVD remote since my PS2 is my DVD. I guess my Wiimote doesn’t count here LOL 😀


    What about Next Model 🙂

    Wow, that’s a lot of remotes.


  4. I LOVEEEEEE RACHEAL RAYS SHOW!! its better much better day by day….
    LOL i like the one with the top model thingy! hehe:)


  5. LOL @ at the Rachael Ray point :p


  6. I’m DiiGMaa 😛
    you know what that means ?? hehehe
    I’m being honest here.. I’d look like the mini version of the models 😛
    5’2″ doesn’t cut you much slack with the agents 😛 been there done that 😛


  7. @Sweetd

    I learn a lot from Ray, she makes easy to make dishes that even college student can prepare.


    LOL, I know 😀


    5’2? I think this is the average hight for women. It might not work well with modeling agency but I think most guys don’t mind that height at all. I know I don’t 😀


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