Is She A Better Runner?


While I was jogging my way through the running trail today, I saw a young couple running together and none of them were ahead of each other. However, I couldn’t help but to notice that the girl was slowing her pace so she wouldn’t go ahead of her boyfriend (I’m assuming he is her boyfriend not her brother). She sure looked a bit more athletic than her boyfriend and didn’t mind fasten her pace at all. Was she intentionally doing that so she wouldn’t hurt her boyfriend’s “manhood”? Do women care about their men’s feelings and how important that they feel masculine enough?

Which reminds me of another day when I was jogging and this girl came behind me and was keeping up with me for like 2 minutes. I couldn’t keep up so I had to slow my pace to regain my breath. She passed me and then she turned around and smiled at me. I’m wondering if she was smiling (but secretly laughing inside) because I’m a total loser that couldn’t keep up with a girl, or if I was totally secure in my masculinity and she found that kinda cute. God only knows what she thought of me that day.


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  1. iF i had to slow down so my man would feel more manly, then boy were gna have a problem… how insecure do u have to be?
    i think its cute the way she was stroking his ego,,,
    but i dnt think its something i would ever do


  2. Of course we care 🙂


  3. Yup women do care. If only men did!


  4. I don’t care because I know that I am somewhat slow! I find it endearing that she wants to go the same pace as me but I would tell her to go ahead and come back to me! hehehe!

    Angelo… her name and number PRONTO!


  5. I think the girl smiled because she saw you were trying to work as hard as you can to keep going and she found that cute! At least I would do that. 😉

    And for your first question Do women care about their men’s feelings and how important that they feel masculine enough? Is a big YES!! I used to go to the same gym with my husband, and I did make sure he always felt masculine and better than me!! Even though I am more athletic, and go over my limits some times. And he is the kind that doesn’t actually like doing sport!


  6. Yea.. God only knows.. but this is CUTE!


  7. I think the smile was just acknowledging how neat it was to run together for that period of time, and an unspoken “nice to meet you”


  8. Hmm, if I was running with someone I would prolly pace myself to be with them, whether its a friend or boyfriend. But if I’m alone I’m usually more competitive. I’d try to break my own record, or measure my pace or how well I’m doing according to someone else in front of me, not necessarily to beat them, but to give myself a pace to follow.


  9. Yes we care darling.. a lot !!

    and I’ve been in a situation like that too.. me being the girl.. passing a guy.. it made him wanna keep up with me.. which was kinda cool.. coz it made me feel like I was motivating him but at the same time I think it’s also a guy thing.. for example when I drive.. and am in a hurry.. so I rev my baby and speed.. I always find a silly boy trying to race with me 😛 I’m in a rush.. not racing with you hehhe..

    You boys are naturally competetive… it’s all good… besides you’re getting pretty smiles from fit girls 😛


  10. Posted by Missy-TheOriginal on April 2, 2007 at 2:31 am

    What’s the point of jogging ahead of him if the occassion is to jog ‘together’? I think it’s natural that people sometimes compromise or sacrifice (even little things like that) in order to reach a bondness that comforts both to simply enjoy the situation 🙂


  11. @Eshda3wah

    Then I think you should list “Must be athletic” in your “future” groom’s requirement 🙂


    I thought so ^_^


    Men do care, but you have to give them some space…I think!!



    Well, it’s nice you are secure in your masculinity. However, don’t show any mercy to any girl who challenges you on a motorcycle race.


    I sure hope so…it will be kinda awkward if I see her again on the road 🙂

    This is sooooo sweet of you but I guess working out together shouldn’t be a challenge between couples. Anyway, good stuff what you guys are doing and kinda cute too 😀


    It’s darn cute indeed 😉


    That’s another nice way to put it…and maybe it was really indeed the case.


    Wow, you sure have some competitive spirit in you. For me, do what she did, try to pace yourself with a struggling guy and then pass him. See what he will do…a nice field study don’t you think LOL 😀


    Indeed it is a boys’ thing. It’s nice getting smiles from girls…I feel connected to them somehow even though we don’t know each other.


    I was thinking about that too. If couples decided to jog together then they should stick with each other all the way…no need to be competitive here.


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