Courteney Cox & Jennifer Aniston Kiss

The lovely Jennifer Aniston guest starred on the season finale of Courteney Cox’s TV show Dirt. This episode caused a lot of buzz especially in one of the scenes Jennifer smooched Courteney (her real life best friend) on the lip. Some say it was hot, and I say it was innocent and not that “romantic” at all. You may see it for yourself and then judge about it.

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  1. mo mbayin 3adil ena they kissed kissed, madri, bs for me, it’s not a kiss!!! jus 2 gurls having their lips on each others and it’s normal for me.


  2. yeah i dnt think its a kiss kiss either


  3. That is defiantly not a smooch!! I kiss my daughter like that, and so have I done it with many women and men in my life!! That is a friendly kiss. It’s just that they made it look longer with the seen for that man to be in it… But not a smooch!!! And I agree with you it has no romance what so ever in it!


  4. lol ma 3indihum salfa :p


  5. looks like a friendly kiss to me just normal, nothing romantic about it


  6. Posted by Missy-TheOriginal on April 1, 2007 at 11:41 pm

    Well.. it’s a known fact some societies are homophobics 😀


  7. @Blasha

    That’s my thought exactly.


    Same here.


    Yes, I thought it was a friendly kiss too, but the way the producers slow everything down and zoomed the scene in made me a little doubtful on its intention.


    LOOOL 7ada


    Yup yup it looks so.


    Aren’t all societies homophob…I mean even the US if you dig deeper in its people.


  8. Its just a light kiss! Gotta love the both of em! 🙂

    Is the show any good?


  9. @Marzouq

    Honestly, the finale was the first time I have seen it. I think it got a bad press from the critics…so I’m not quite sure.


  10. Jennifer Aniston is all the rage right now


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