No Stomach Cancer For Kuwaitis


While attending my usual cancer class today, we were learning about cancer epidemiology and its prevalence in different countries. Then we reached to this lecture slide that the Professor has shown in class and it reveals that Japan has the highest incidents of stomach cancer while Kuwait has the lowest of them all. I was so thrilled. When the Professor mentioned Kuwait, I made a loud yet short burst of “Woohoo”, the class laughed and the Professor smiled but he didn’t bother to check who made that sound; he’s a great teacher anyway with a great sense of humor.

Now I realize that some of you are surprised especially since poor diet is the main culprit of stomach cancer, and I bet you think “But we have poor diet in our culture.” However, since the survey is recent, it might actually say something on our current lifestyle. Nowadays, there are gyms everywhere you go and the “low-carb diets” awareness has reached its peaks comparing to the last 10 years, so maybe we are going somewhere and maybe we are becoming a “granola society” sooner than expected, but I honestly cannot help being a little cynical since the rates of fast food is also increasing sharply.

Any thoughts?


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  1. I heard it’s because the Japanese eat excessive raw food, is that true?


  2. well.. the most interesting risk factor is fatty diet & Blood Group A .. so be careful everyone with typing A 🙂


  3. lol… yay? :p


  4. Posted by uTmosT on April 8, 2007 at 6:43 am

    but other kinds of cancers are widely spread, Anyway 7amdilllahhh cause i know that stomach cancer is fatel, rite?


  5. I think Kuwait has a very bad sense of nutrietion that is why cholesterol, diabetes, and high blood pressure is so commong these days when it shouldn’t be!


  6. @3baid

    According to my Professor, apparently so.


    Hahaha, for the first time I already know an information you posted 🙂

    Thanks anyway Doc ^_^


    Sure…why not? Yay as much as you like.


    Oh yeah, I bet we have a high level of lung cancer thanks to all the smokes and shishas we have. Yup, stomach cancer is extremely fatal and chronic…so el7amdellah.


    Absolutely, and that’s why I was surprised when I saw this chart. Anyway, I hope we are getting awareness to this these days.


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