RGX Bodyspray Girl

Every time I see this commercial, a big smile shines in my face and I starts to blush like a little girl. I mean this girl is darn cute and even sexy…that’s a dangerous combination. Her name is Rachel Specter and for her I’m ditching AXE and getting RGX from now on. I want her to be my girlfriend, is that possible? *sigh*

6 responses to this post.

  1. good luck 😀
    if AXE worked for you let us know 🙂


  2. looooooool

    anglo SURE u can get her

    impossible is nothing 😉


  3. I read somewhere that the smell of sweat is actually more attractive. XD


  4. does she wanna be my friend ?
    i agree with 3baid too, or whatever he read


  5. HOLY CRAP! She hawt! Commercial 3 for the win!!!!

    Damn.. now thats a good different ad! I like that, I also like her! hehehe


  6. @7usam

    Thanks Dude 🙂
    I doubt it would work but it worths the try.


    LOL you think so? Allah yesma3 men’nech


    Yeah I heard about that too and it is effective more in the animals’ kingdom. But for human, I dunno about that and I’m not volunteering to see if it works for the ladies or not 🙂


    Your friend? Why? Do you also judge men by their smells too 🙂


    She’s soooooo hot. I never knew I have a thing for brunettes 🙂


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