Thank God You’re Here


Last night I was able to catch a new “partially improvised comedy” called “Thank God You’re Here.” The basic idea of the show is showcasing a group of four actors each week, as they walk into a live sketch without having seen a script for it. The only clue the actors have as to the content of the sketch, and the role they will be playing within the sketch, is their costume.

It was a really cool show but not the best out there. However, I don’t agree that Dave Foley is suitable as a judge especially since his TV roles and resume aren’t that impressive to entitle him to judge other actors. Otherwise, it’s a cool show to watch.


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  1. LoooooooooooooooooooL
    i watched this tooooo
    i was cracking up on the flooooooooooooooor
    the roach his underwear kept falling and it was just so funny
    OMG … this is getting scary


  2. I’m getting the impression this is like “Who’s line is it anyway”, loved that show.


  3. Posted by whatigotsofar on April 11, 2007 at 12:18 pm

    I really enjoyed the show. It gave me some good laughs. I disagree with your thoughts on Dave Foley though. He was the sole reason I even gave the show a chance. Now I’m glad I watched it. It was really funny. As for judging, how could you judge these performances? He’s basically there to crack jokes after each performance, much like Whose Line’s Clive Anderson (very funny) and Drew Carey (ruined the show).


  4. @Lialay

    It was damn hilarious and the actor (I forgot his name) who played the British rocker was funny too. I hope they bring more A-lists comedians.


    That’s a great analogy; it’s the exact same thing but with a set and customs.


    I know what you mean but it will make sense if it were Jerry Seinfeld would critic on the performance…at least that’s what I think. Also, it would have been nice if the audience would have to vote or something.


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