Blogging From The Classroom


This is my first time blogging from class; I’ve never really done that before and I’m not inviting you for a celebration with me because it ain’t worth it. I am in my cancer class and the topic of today is molecular biology tools and how to use them to identify cancer. It’s an interesting topic for biology major but it is not for me. I’m planning to purse psychology as a major and a career (I’m double majoring). So the reason I am taking molecular biology is because I’m forced by the Ministry of Higher Education and I am not allowed to change majors (even though it was allowed before the new rules of 2005). However, psychology and molecular biology are interconnected especially when it comes to genetics, inheritance, and the nervous system. So, in the end it’s not that bad and presumably will boost my résumé in the future.


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  1. Yallaa khair inshallaa … 3asa ana takraho shay2an wahwa khairan lakom


  2. Wow! Now that will be interesting, good luck with that! I hope you are able to get through this normally! I hope the Ministry doesn’t cause you too many problems! They always have issues!


  3. I didn’t know about the new rules of the Ministry there! Now I remembered how much I loved psychology! I really do hope you’ll be getting your dreams fulfilled in the end! Good luck with all!


  4. blogging from class 😀 WANSA 😀 i wish i can do this someday 😛

    as for the ministry, tara they keep changing their rules almost on daily basis; thus, u have to keep asking them again and again (keep nagging) if the rules changed or not and if it applies to u (trust me on this :P)


  5. @Marzouq

    Thanks a lot dude…I appreciate your support 🙂

    Well, now that Noriyah El Sabeeh is also in charge with MOHE…things might get a little scary.


    Thanks a million and Psychology Rocks all the way ^_^



    Weench menzeman 3an’nch? You haven’t been blogging for a while either. We missed you around here.

    LOOOL I’ll keep that in mind 😀


  6. IM fine thanx!!!! HOW R U? i know its bn long since i commented or blogged and i apologize, but i’ve bn thru a hell of a roller coaster ride 😛

    Inshallah i’ll try to pass by more often 🙂


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