Elizabeth I


I have been putting off watching Elizabeth I for some time now even though it was available for free on my HBO On Demand anytime. Until last night, I felt that I am on the mood to watch a British movie, so I checked what is available and Elizabeth was about to be removed from the movie list, so I decided to watch it. Boy, was I in for a treat.

Elizabeth I isn’t exactly a movie; it’s a 2 part mini-TV series but it’s climate surpasses any movie out there. Helen Mirren truly nailed the part down. Her acting was awe-inspiring and completely flawless and elegant from start to finish. Not only she captured Queen Elizabeth’s looks but also created a unique personality that I have never thought before. This mini-series is all about her personal life and her struggle with those around her, from lovers to traitors. I really came to sympathize with the Queen and also appreciated with those who loved her and respected her. Also, I cannot leave the magnificent actor Jeremy Irons (as Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester) without appraisal; he is absolutely one of the profound British actors I have become to know. I really cannot stress how good this mini-series is so I suggest you watch it whenever you have the chance; you will be mesmerized.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Im the same as you these types of movies aren’t my thing but every once in a while I watch one! And Jeremy Irons is great have you seen Eragon? He is damn good in it!


  2. well definitly see it soon


  3. @Marzouq

    Yes I have seen Eragon. It wasn’t as good as “Harry Potter” (considering they are both book-adapted) but it was OK. Jeremy was the best thing in the movie.


    I hope you’ll like it Madmosil 🙂


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