The Blessing Of Online Profiles


The other day I was talking with friend of mine about Facebook and whether she has a profile or not. She completely detested the idea of Facebook and online profiles in general. Not just of the security issue but because of the idea behind it. She insisted that if somebody wants to tell her something then that somebody should call her instead of posting a message in her profile, for the sake of privacy and intimacy

I did agree with her on some points but I still think the idea of having a simple (not extremely detailed) online profile is nifty. For example, I received at least 28 Happy Birthdays on my Facebook’s wall the other day and couple on Hi5 (not counting the countless SMS I got from Kuwait). I would have imagined that it would be too much hassle if I had received more than 28 phone calls that day. Also, the fact you can easily get in touch with all your friends from different networks with a bush of a button proves the ease of online communication. So far, I have two online profiles out there in the world of Internet, and I consider my blog as the biggest and most detailed profile there is.

How many online profiles do you have?


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  1. Posted by cixousianpanic on April 19, 2007 at 8:47 pm

    just facebook – not too into the profile thingies … it takes up to much time and energy – plus I’m already addicted to facebook and blogging, any other distractions and I wont be able to sleep or get anything done!

    I think that whereas communities before were based on like the physical, it seems il7een its also heavily invested in the virtual too – I think our worlds have expanded and its just the process of getting used to functioning in both…


  2. Facebook
    and thats all
    but i think facbook is really good especially for me (or us) who have friends in different countries, it is rally easy to stay in touch and remember their birthdays as well


  3. i only have facebook, and through that my profile was found by friends that i thought i lost 4-8 years ago! LOVIN IT.. except somepeople are stalkers :S


  4. facebook, and blog..

    i think facebook is the next msn messenger..


  5. Posted by Missy on April 20, 2007 at 5:35 am

    I don’t have facebook and i’m not really fond of these online profiles. I kinda agree with your friend. As if stalkers in real life aren’t enough, we dont need online ones hehe.
    Although alot of people online say it’s nice, I really dunno… But i’m glad you like it and you’re enjoying it especially since you’re abroad.


  6. Posted by Peony on April 20, 2007 at 7:44 am

    and i love it.. im in touch with my friends who are all over the world (litterally !)


  7. Facebook. I resented the idea of facebook before I opened up an account. So I opened up an account, added my brother and a single friend. Later on I found old friends, relatives I didn’t know about, even older friends.. grade school! I’m not very active there, but at least I can log in and see what’s going on in their lives. Phonecalls aren’t always convenient you know.


  8. facebook for friends and family, MySpace for all my fave artists.. i actually have Timbaland, the Youngblood Brass Band , Justin Timberlake, Breaking Benjamin and Dane Cook as my friends there :p


  9. @Cixousianpanic

    Exactly I like the way you put it. And your point of argument was the same as my friend’s. Online profiles can be so addictive.


    I think having one online profile is enough and facebook does this job and more. It’s very user friendly and not as “sluty” as Hi5 LOL


    I know what you mean. I always delete my history from my profile everytime I do something.


    Hahaha yeah, once me and my friend were instant messaging in our walls. People were like “why don’t you guys use MSN instead?” It’s the best.


    Facebook is intended for college students so it’s not a place for those who want to “have fun”. It’s a serious place and you get to connect with all your college buddies. Give it a try sometimes.


    It’s a good online community.


    This is exactly what happened to me. You get to meet all those yoy got to know in your college and those who are abroad. It really gets addictive over time.


    WOOOOW! Lucky you Swair. I hope they replay and say something when you comment on their profiles. Yeah MySpace is the biggest online community in the US and you can find many celebrities. I might check it out some day.


  10. Posted by nousha on May 3, 2007 at 7:45 am

    1 profile , bardo at facebook


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