Which Sunglasses?

With the summer season is upon us, I was thinking of buying new sunglasses. I start browsing at eluxury.com and found those two that looked very cool and simple. I am totally capable of making a decision by myself but I thought it would fun if I could ask you guys for help. If you don’t like any of them then I guess I have a poor taste in sunglasses. So, which one of those two do you think I should get?

Dior Aviator Sunglasses ($210)


I never had this kind of frame color before. I really like its simplicity and the fact it has rounded shape frames. Also, the arms are incredibly thin which makes it very comfortable to wear.

Dolce & Gabbana Sporty Wrap Sunglasses ($135)


I think we all can agree that its price is very attractive. The sporty frame gives it a very causal look and totally wearable for any occasion. Even though its arms aren’t as thin as Dior’s, it’s sexy frame make up for it.

I know Prada has great collection of sunglasses but their prices are over the top (more than $360). So if you found one that is nice and reasonable, please tell me about it.

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  1. The other day i was shopping online, thought about getting sunglasses, but to me, they only way to know if it would look good on me or not, is to actually put them on.


  2. Posted by cixousianpanic on April 19, 2007 at 8:42 pm

    OMG the Dior Aviator ones!! You can never go wrong with Aviator sunglasses. But, it doesn’t hurt to search around a little more and actually try them on before deciding 😉


  3. i’m rooting for #2 buddy
    #1 is a lil’feminine or me


  4. Posted by clotheshorseok on April 19, 2007 at 9:13 pm

    I love the sunglasses on your blog! I am going to check out the Dior Aviators!
    Please check out my fashion blog at http://clotheshorseok.wordpress.com! Thank You! You have a great blog!


  5. 2nd pair but that is personal preference. Also I think it is always best to try on, especially sunglasses 🙂


  6. Posted by Missy on April 20, 2007 at 5:40 am

    I think both are okay but it really depends on your facial shape and which suits your face more. I like the Dior Aviator cuz it looks a bit modern than the D&G, the latter is very standard and you can pretty much find this shape in other brands for a lesser price. It’s a personal taste in the end and I usually prefer trying out glasses on my face first before buying ’em.

    Choose something that you’re gonna be happy with- I’m sure either one of them will look great on you- it’ the attitude that counts man 😉


  7. Certainly Dior’s


  8. go with the dior


  9. Posted by ??? on April 21, 2007 at 5:18 am

    If you have really strong facial features i.e. pointy nose, oval or recctangular face then go with the Dior’s. If not then go with the D&Gs.


  10. D&G looks to fit the bill! The other one looks to metro for me! That is my 0.02 and I’m saving you 75$!


  11. @Yazeed

    I agree with your advice but I kinda have this “gift” to recognize good glasses that fit me even without trying them 🙂


    I’m still looking around for a nice pair. Dior seems quite popular according to most people.


    Really you think so? LOOL. Okay, one votes goes to D&G 🙂


    Your blog is amazing. I will add you to my blogroll.


    I’ll take your vote into consideration. Oh and don’t worry, I have a natural gift on picking sunglasses without even trying them out.


    Hahaha true true it’s all about the attitude. Well, I guess they both fit my facial shape perfectly. It seems I’ll end up buying them both in the end LOOL 😀


    One vote goes to Dior


    Another vote to Doir


    I do have an oval face but not a pointy noise though…I think they both fit me perfectly but I cannot decided between the designs.


    Finally a person who has love for D&G. LOOL yeah $75 can do a lotta stuff.


  12. http://www.lojadeluxo.com

    Finally a person who has love for D&G. LOOL yeah $75 can do a lotta stuff


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