No Comment?


I have been having a problem for a couple of days now and that is I cannot comment on my own posts. The comment won’t appear every time I submit one and if I tried again a message says that I have already made a comment and thus won’t allow a duplicate comment.

Is anyone having the same problem or has my blog being hacked or something?

Problem solved. It seems the blog considered my comments as spams, which explains the reason why the comment weren’t visible. I finally got to adjust the settings and got to replay to all your sweet comments. Thanks for keeping up with me.


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  1. I discovered your blog by accident, just as I was getting ready to leave you a comment I stumbled upon your flickr account…….I love the pictures you have taken


  2. hmmm
    here is my 2 cent worth (just remember i could be wrong)
    first are you sure it is recognizing you are the admin? other wise check out the comments that await moderation or if you have Akismet working which catches spam :/
    if all fails, google should have an answer :p


  3. I commented on the profile post but it didn’t show up. But haven’t had a problem since.


  4. If this is happening to you while you are signed in as admin, sign out and just comment like you would on anybody else’s blog, it should appear. Only we’d have no way of verifying that it was you 🙂


  5. No I don’t see any problems and its working for me fine!!!


  6. Testing ..


  7. well ,, it is obviously working .. try to log out of your wordpress and log in again … if everything failed, contact their support team .. and thank god that you do not have your own wordpress domain or else you would have spent 3 days trying to spot the problem :S


  8. & ehmm, sorry for spamming your commentary .. but I wonder why didn’t you import your blogger posts into your wordpress.. I mean, it is much easier to browse in one blog.. besides, they will remain there if anything went wrong AND the comments will be imported as well .. dig this up and u r gona find it great

    P.S. You might have to re-upload the pics in blogger posts again into your wordpress account .. but again, that’s a MIGHT!


  9. 3ala shan chethi, if or when i come back to blogging im sticking to blogspot 😛


  10. Posted by Missy-TheOriginal on April 25, 2007 at 3:43 am

    Yaaaaaay!!!!!! It worked =)


  11. favorited this one, guy


  12. Жжёшь…..не думал…….круто!!!!!! +10


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