Prostate Cancer Presentation


I forgot to tell you guys about the Cancer Conference that our professor arranged for us last Saturday. He assigned all of us to either make a presentation or a poster about any type of cancer. One of my friends who she also taking the class with me insisted on a poster so I went along with her idea. We went to the professor and told him that we are doing a poster about prostate cancer because we were sick that women get all the media attention with their breast cancer awareness and the fact its mortality rate surpasses breast’s. Don’t get me wrong, I am big supporter of breast cancer awareness (hell, I even wear its wrist band) but we need attention too you know. He gave us the green light and went on with the poster.

Forward to last Saturday. The conference started at 8:00AM and lasted to 7:00PM. Not only I have to wake up extremely early that day but I also had to sit through at least 20 presentation about different types of cancer and of course our part in the 2 hours poster session. We gave away flayers to the people who came to our poster place and blue wrist bands (it represents prostate cancer support) to the panelists who were to grade our poster. We also wore blue garments and the wrist bands; I wore a dark blue dress shirt with a light blue tie and black pants. After 11 hours in the conference, we finally finished and had a little celebration in the Olive Garden. I was tired but I honestly had tons of fun. I never get to watch a movie that weekend though but it’s all for a good reason; to fight the number 2 cause of death to men (#1 is lungs cancer).

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  1. Fight prostate cancer… with ketchup! 😛


  2. yeah i agree prostate cancer needs more attention. Someone very dear to me got prostate cancer. He fought it off, thankfully…

    awesome effort 😉


  3. Thats a pretty cool thing you did! The thing is I’m not sure what causes prostate cancer and the only thing you can do is keep checking every year.

    Great job!!

    Pic of you in tie? hehehe


  4. Posted by Missy on April 26, 2007 at 12:58 pm

    That’s so good of you =) I really hope it spreads the word around and I hope it does everyone good. Allah iwafigkom :***


  5. cOOl , prostatic cancer can be more lethal than breast cancer in most cases, I am glad there’s some awareness about it


  6. good job
    ya36eekom el3afya


  7. this post brings me the chills
    this topics hits close to home 😦


  8. shame on you for trying to overshadow breast cancer!!

    Atghashmar. Good job!


  9. Ya36eekom el3afyaaa,,, great job 🙂


  10. Hi, I had this problem with my prostate and I think the best remedy that you can get is the natural medicine treatment. If you are looking for information about natural medicine, prostate cancer, prostate health and free remedies, I found this website on the internet. Check it and read it. .


  11. @3baid

    That’s a nifty info…I wish I knew about it and included it in my poster.


    I’m so glad that your friend has beaten the cancer. With strong courage and support you can really beat anything.


    Well the good news is that the average age of men having prostate cancer is 70 and it has been found that masturbation 5 times a week helps reduce the chances by 20% 🙂

    LOL I actually borrowed the tie from my friend. I wasn’t a big tie fan but after I saw how good I looked with it…I might get me some pairs.


    I think we did a good job…thanks Missy ^_^


    Exactly! I think we made some noise around. I’m really glad that we chose to do it.


    Allah ye3afeech…thanks for the support ^_^


    I’m so sorry Laialy…I hope the problem has been taken care of.


    LOOOL thanks. I’m glad we did it.


    Allah ye3afeech wallah…thanks.


    Thanks for the link. It has nifty information that’s worth checking out.


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