Review: Hot Fuzz


It is safe to say that Hot Fuzz has been one of my most anticipated movies of the year and I can finally tell you, it exceeded my expectations totally. If you are familiar with Shaun of the Dead and got to love its humor and witty characters then you better be prepared to be blown away, because the latter is way much better. This movie is probably one of the best “buddy-cop” comedy movies I have seen so far; in fact it’s probably the only one I know. To be honest, It’ has a ridiculous plot but you will not be paying much attention to it anyway because you will be charmed by the characters and the jokes that manifest the flick from start to finish. Other features that make Hot Fuzz exceptional than the rest is the smartness of the jokes and the humor that terrorizes every scene in the movie, and the memorable quotas that will leave you in reminiscent with your friends for the rest of the evening. However, Hot Fuzz isn’t all about comedy. There is also a one big action sequence at the end of the film that is really well put together; and the best part is that the film still manages to have some great laughs during that sequence too. Another thing that you should probably know is that the movie has some quite graphic bloody scenes; however, those scenes are essentially designed to make you laugh and have good times with them.


Finally, Hot Fuzz achieves (with a milestone) what the American comedies (i.e. Epic Movie) have been trying to achieve on the last five years: a well-written comedy flick. Fans of both British humor and American action flicks will be well pleased by this charming comedy; it certainly set the bar high for every action-comedy coming out this year. A must watch.

The Bottom Line

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  1. sounds funny, will watch thanks


  2. Posted by Missy-TheOriginal on April 28, 2007 at 10:35 am

    Yeah? I wonder if I can find it on demanoid. I like stupid movies- looool I enjoy those cops movies with that guy with the white hair (not steve martin) – the one who did airplane? I like that kind of dry silly sense of humor and with chocolate and sugar rush and friends over …ALLLAAAAAAAAAAAAH – 7ada mazaaaj !! heheheh… 😛


  3. Sweet! I will be alllll over this!!!! I can’t wait to watch it! I have been waiting for so damn long! thanks for the review!!!


  4. sounds fun .. I will watch it


  5. shakla 3abee6 :p
    weshalem, yabeela hehe


  6. Posted by azooz on April 30, 2007 at 7:08 pm

    love the film………
    it’s realy amazing how sometimes bad can be good


  7. Posted by K on May 1, 2007 at 6:17 pm

    old theme much better


  8. @Qais

    It’s really good. You’re gonna love it.


    LOOL I know what you mean. I’m into for these kind of movies myself…but just as you said: Mazaj. However, this movie is really genius…believe it 🙂


    I’m really glad that you liked the review. I’m interested in your take too…so review it when you see it 🙂


    It’s so much one…really recommend it.


    LOOL 7ada yabeela. It’s really good.


    HAHAHA I know what you mean 🙂


    You mean the template’s theme?


  9. Posted by k on May 16, 2007 at 8:13 am

    yes, your old template much better, this one everyone else is using and i can’t see you in it.


  10. @K

    LOL any recommendation? Or what was the template that you liked previously? I will happily switch back to it.


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