Finally Done With The Finals


Yesterday was the final day for the finals and that means a month free from books and school buses. I’m having summer courses this year and I’m still wondering if I will travel around or not. The finals went really well but the Biology exam was a brain cracker really. Mainly because not only I had to take the final exam but also a mid term exam as well; you can drop the 3rd exam if you are satisfied with the last two midterms and the 15-page research paper. However, I was thinking that since the final exam was cumulative, I might as well take the mid term. And thank god I did because it was a little easier than the last two.

Anyway, I spent the day today attending couple of my friends’ graduation ceremonies and I have a last one to attend tomorrow. We had fun at the ceremony, as we were the only ones that made some noise (you know how Kuwaiti get crazy sometimes at these kind of events). Then we had dinner and a breezy gathering in Starbucks. I hope my graduation will be as fun as this one.


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  1. Posted by Missy-TheOriginal on May 11, 2007 at 12:51 am

    Heeeey! I’m so happy for you!!! =) And I’m glad you took that midterm! Finally! I know it’s a wonderful feeling when you’re finally done! I used to stay up without sleep during finals, I was a HEAVY ESSPRESSO addict- big time! hehehe…Enshallah ya rab you’ll have the BEST graduation ceremony ever! We’ll make sure of that 😉 hehe…

    Allah iwafgik :**


  2. mabrook
    hope you did well
    oo inshala ur grad is gna be amazing 🙂


  3. glad you made it through finals ^_^
    Inshalla when will u be graduating ?


  4. Congratulations buddy! Im happy you did well, I can imagine the long hours of reading and starving yourself of all forms of entertainment and stressing out! This is the best feeling, where you feel light and you can just do the random things you want to do as well as take care of the bills you have put aside! Congrats!


  5. Aww, I am glad u r finally relaxed & having some fun .. wish ya the best
    I know how it feels to get rid of such burden …


  6. @Missy
    Thank you sooooo much Missy for the lovely comment ^_^
    I become a caffeine addict on finals too and always use to pull an all-nighter. I hope my graduation will be good and go soothly 🙂

    Allah yebarek feech ^_^
    Allah yesma3 menech 🙂

    Thanks Laialy.
    Inshallah next Spring.

    Thanks Marzouq ^_^
    I think I did well and god I missed on good stuff like the mid-night premier of Spiderman 3 and stuff. And you get me there with “feeling light” and “doing random things”…it’s the best really 😀

    I am relaxed but dunno know about the fun part LOOL. Yes, it is the best feeling EVER.


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