Wicked Is Coming


Yes, the Broadway musical “Wicked” is coming to my state this May and I’m so buying a ticket for the show as soon as I contact some of my friends and set a day to watch it. I was really upset when I missed attending both “Hairspray” and “The Lion King” when they came here last year. I will make sure to attend couple of plays and comedy stand-ups this year especially if I found myself not going anywhere. Click HERE to find if they are coming to a city or a country near to your home. The reviews of “Wicked” are really positive and I had read the book so I cannot wait to watch the play. In case you didn’t know, “Wicked” is a spin-off of the classical movie “Wizard of Oz”. So, if you are a fan of the movie then this musical is a must.


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  1. oOOoh i loooove musicals!


  2. Posted by Missy-TheOriginal on May 11, 2007 at 3:48 am

    *gasp* Now what would I do to go watch it!!!!!!!! You have to go and tell me how it is!!!! O you missed out on The Lion King, but don’t worry it’s turning into a classic just like CATS and you pretty much find it often in busy cities… But you HAFTA watch it!!! I’ve been waiting for Wicked! I’ll see if i can go this summer- my parents usually sleep during plays though =P


  3. I want to go see it, I haven’t been able to go yet! I really recommend going to Spamalot! I loved it, it was hilarious!!!


  4. the lion king came here too and i wanted to watch it sooooo bad 😦 and never got around to doing so


  5. wicked is by far the greatest musical I’ve ever seen! I WENT 6 TIMES! you’re gonna enjoy it, i hope idina menzel (not quite sure of the spelling) is alpheba.. she’s the best i’ve seen.. luckily i saw her perform 4 times in london and new york.. best show ever! book the tickets:D


  6. nono no no .. THE LION KING ROCKS!!


  7. shakla 3ajeeb.. i love the poster.. the smile on her face 3ajeeba SHEEREERA :p


  8. @Eshda3wa
    Thank You…I will…hopefully 🙂

    I must watch the Lion King…most of my friends who went to see it were mesmerized. I hope they bring Wicked to Dubai or something.

    Ohh you mean the Monty Python musical. Yes, I would like to see this one too. I will keep my eyes and ears for this one too.

    Hopefully we both will have the chance to see it someday.

    WOW 6 times already…then I better watch it. I will tell you about my impressions when I get to see it

    I know it ROCKS…that’s why I was really upset. But this one is cool too.

    7ada 3ajeeb believe me 🙂


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