Review: Super Paper Mario


“Don’t judge a book by its cover” is really what Super Paper Mario on the Wii represents. The Paper Mario series are famous of having a nice combination of RPG elements and a little bit side-scrolling platform. However, this time around, the roles have changed where the platform aspect has a big chuck of the game’s presentation.

One of the few things Super Paper Mario has in common with its predecessors is that it’s fairly story-driven and a hilarious one I might say. The dialogue is populated by a rich and even sophisticated vocabulary. The writing surprises with its quality, and it is clear the game’s writers enjoyed making the title. Even though the plot and story itself are both fairly cliché and ordinary at best, yet it manages to captivate thanks to smooth and mesmerizing type of charm that only a Nintendo game can deliver. The game is divided into different chapters and sub chapters. You make your way through each chapter by running forward, jumping up and over any obstacles in your path and hopping on any enemies that step in your way.


This might sounds linear but it is actually pretty deep due to the 2D-3D jump (or flip) mechanics that allows you to see objects, characters, doors, items and much more that would otherwise be invisible in 2D. It’s even used to allow Mario to bypass blockades in his path that adds a clever amount of puzzle-solving. However, the action doesn’t stop there, as Mario will be accompanied by floating characters called Pixls (8 to be exact), in which each one has its own distinct abilities and skills to clear the game. Not only that, Mario is also joined with Princess Peach, Luigi, and Bowser as each one of them possess skills that Mario won’t normally have. The RPG element comes to place, as you have to defeat enemies and bosses to acquire experiences points to level up and boosts your HP and attack power.

The visual and audio representations are equally great. Equipped with HDTV and component cables, Super Paper Mario is simply glamorous, crispy-clean, and stylized. The audio is similar to past Mario games, simple and memorable. The game lifespan is fairy good; the main story will consume 20-30 hours and the mini-games and side-quest add another 15 hours. The flaws of the game are that the dialogue tends to be very long and tedious, and the 3D perspective also tends to be very empty and plain (unlike the 2D perspective). Other than that the game is absolutely amazing and you will have fun times playing it.


If you have a Wii then this game is an absolute-must in your library. With its stunning 2D visuals, hilarious story, and the unique 2D-3D flipping mechanic, Super Paper Mario might be the antidote until Super Mario Galaxy releases. Pick this one up.

Overall Score
out of 10

5 responses to this post.

  1. CTRL ALT DEL! 😛


  2. Posted by Missy on May 13, 2007 at 12:13 pm

    I’ve been waiting for this game!!! I wonder if it’s out here… I can’t wait to play it. I almost cried when I ended Mariosunshine hehe


  3. I was playing this game and its loads of fun on my friends Wii!!


  4. i dont own a wii. they’re sold out here. i dont even think the game is available for region 2 yet, but i am looking for it. anyway, halo3 beta is out on wednesday, i’ll slaughter you there


  5. @3baid



    It’s been out like more than a month now. You should find it at Rihab Complex. Mario Sunshine was an awesome game despite what other people’s said about it.


    It is fun and surprisingly deep.


    Well good luck finding on then. Oh and I don’t own a 360 so you might want to slaughter somebody else.


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