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I felt like posting about my personal collections of videogames and books library. I know the pictures ain’t that good but it is something. For a clear view, make sure to click on the picture to enlarge. My friends love to browse my library every time they stop at my place. They say that they always find something exciting or new on every visit. Please note that my collections are missing many books and videogames as some of them are either lent or back home. Note that my book collection is categorized by size and videogames collection is categorized alphabetically.

My Book Collection


Approximately I have lent half of my books collections to some of my friends and couple of book series are back home. As you can see I am a big fan of fiction novels, and most of them are very…ahhh what’s the word for it…”literate.”

My Wii Collection


I only have 7 games so far even though I missed couple of games. Not bad for a 6-month console I believe. Of course, Zelda is the best game so far.

My Gamecube + PS2 + DS Collection


You are witnessing to a very high quality of videogames. As you can see, I wasn’t joking when I said that I am a major RPG fan. Most of my Gamecube games are back home and some of my PS2 games were sold or traded. Anything strike your interest?

My Strategy Guides Collection


Honestly, the reasons that I buy guides are because I feel that I have to collect them or to make sure that I have completed the game 100%. Sometimes, I buy a guide just for the maps especially for games like Final Fantasy and Legend of Zelda; they come quite handy whenever I feel frustrated or don’t know where the location of a particular item or event. I often buy a guide after I have completed the game after a first round and want to get everything in my second round such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill games.


9 responses to this post.

  1. wanasa
    yala 3alaik bel3afya

    can you recommend 3 top books out of your library for me?


  2. Nice collection! I’m with you about the strategy guide just to make sure you finished the whole game after finishing it the first time!

    I have large book collection and I don’t think any of my friends have seen it! Its too many to keep in one place, but I wish I had a library/office room in a cool way to organize the furniture, only for me to design!


  3. *gasps in horror at the sight of strategy guides* @_@


  4. Posted by offmyhead on May 17, 2007 at 3:38 pm

    Rickroll’d!! your game collection is, whats the word i’m looking for, uhh uhh crap. and your books are ‘meh’.


  5. *shivers*


  6. Posted by cixousianpanic on May 20, 2007 at 5:46 am

    house of sand and fog AMAZING – cried like a baby
    curious incident of the dog in the nighttime AMAZING – hurts my heart 😦
    Wicked SUPERB – to me she is gorgeous, even if green 😦
    the second mrs. bovary OMG! bas thats all i’m saying

    have you considered minoring in eng. lit? I think you should!!
    Good taste in books amigo 😉


  7. I adore your GameCube and PS2 Collection, as a matter of fact, I think I’ve fallen in love with you because of your taste in Games! 3awaar galb wallah 😛 Strategy Guides? lol Good ideamactually… I think I’ve seen a couple of those around Rihab Center.

    Would you mind if I did the same thing, though? If I posted a couple of pics of my collection, or would you be offended, and stuff?

    That said, How is Rogue Galaxy? Tiswa willa la2?



  8. @Eshda3wa

    Allah ye3afeech thanks.
    That’s kinda hard but I recommend:
    – Blink/ The Tipping Point (both from the same author)
    – The Historian
    – Wicked


    Thanks…I’m kinda surprised that you liked them lool. Yeah I bet you have a large library and I cannot help but looking forward to see it 😀




    *Takes your comment, your crap, and your mehh with a grain of salt*




    Thanks for enjoying my collection and I liked your comment on the books 🙂
    I’m already double majoring…I think that’s enough for me LOL 😀

    @Drunk n Gorgeous

    I’m glad you have fallen in love with my collection…I didn’t expect that at all.
    No of course. Why would I be offended? I’m looking forward to your list.
    Actually I made a review regarding Rough Galaxy. Click HERE to check it out.


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