New Books & Novels


I went to Borders today and as usual I stocked up with new books to read during the summer break, and they are:

The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection From The Living Dead
Sense & Sensibility
The Second Mrs. Darcy

Based on my first impression, the first book is quite hilarious. The book is set on a fictional present day world where a zombie outbreak had spread all over the world. It comprises in two parts: the first one informs you about zombies; behaviors and how to survive against their attacks, and the second one stats how the outbreak happened in different parts of the world. I consider it a causal book that can be read whenever and wherever.

I have already read Sense & Sensibility but the book that I read belonged to my cousin so I felt compelled to have a version of my own. I advise that you should read it or at least watch the movie version; it’s one of my favorite classic books.

I have been told about the 3rd book last semester when I took the British Masterpieces class. I have stated before that I am a big fan of Pride & Prejudice so I have to read any spin-off from the original novel and supposedly this is the best one. Bear in mind though that this novel is not written by the original novelist Jane Austen. Now, I know the books I picked aren’t the books to die for but I had to have them.


3 responses to this post.

  1. if you liked The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection From The Living Dead
    pick up world war Z , same writer i’m enjoying it now


  2. Interesting books, I will check out the first one! Seems like an interesting story! I got too many books I gotta read!! Not enough time!


  3. @Forza

    I will check it out then. Thanks ^_^


    Luckily I have some time in my hand, so hopefully I will cross them off my list before I get busy again.


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