Netflix Member


An empty summer break will make you do all sort of thing just to feel “alive” again and in my case; I decided to become a Netflix member. There are so many movies I have missed on the last couple of years so I’m kinda excited that I have become a member. I’m expecting the new movies to arrive to my mailbox tomorrow. So expect a galore of movie reviews from moi; however, those reviews will be short and thorough. Surprisingly, they also have a decent collection of anime movies and TV shows so that’s a plus. My cousin was surprised on how on the world I have survived without becoming a member in any DVD rental store.


3 responses to this post.

  1. i am a little jealous because i had planned for a good chillin’ summer and it’s not turning out that way -_-


  2. Man I loved Netflix back in the day!! They had a ton of movies!! Good idea!! And order a ton of anime too!

    Laialy, what do you expect!! Its kuwait!! If anyone knows your here then your not chilling! I came to kuwait without telling anyone and left without telling anyone!! The only way to stay under the radar! hehehe


  3. @Laialy
    There’s nothing to be jealous about…my situation is a little bit pathetic.


    I’m surprised of myself on why I didn’t become a member until now. And nice advice for Laialy 🙂


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