Review: Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End


First, I would like to say that if you haven’t watched or even have forgotten the content the last two Pirates of the Caribbean movies then you would not understand one single thing moment from this one. Luckily for me I saw the last two films very recently so I was able to enjoy the movie and understand what is going on. You can easily argue that At World’s End is probably the weakest of the trilogy as the movie is very slow, convoluted, and way too long to bear. The last two Pirates movie were long but I honestly didn’t get a hint of boredom, but this one, you can feel the three hours as sometimes you get confused on what is happening. The movie does however keep its unique humor throughout the movie, and the new characters and the old minor ones have become more interesting where some of them actually took a significant aspect of the plot. The returning of Captain Barbossa (played by Geoffrey Rush) is certainly welcoming; in fact, I think his character is more humorous and lovable then Jack Sparrow this time around. The plot is good but less entertaining than the last films mainly because it gets confusing as the movie progresses and sometimes the characters’ development becomes uncanny. However, this will be all forgiven when the climatic “maelstrom” scene kicks in toward the end of the movie. It certainly one of the most satisfying action sequences in the Pirates series. The movie’s visuals and costumes are also very well made and the soundtrack is remarkable and engaging. The ending has few surprises but quite fulfilling to say the least; although one can easily argue that a 4th sequel is possible.


Pirates of the Caribbean delivers a mixed bag of everything good and bad. It has stunning visuals, wealthy amount of characters, and a great atmosphere but unfortunately it fails to capitalize all of this in a solid package. It has good moments though but the three hours might be too long to fully enjoy it as it was meant to be. If you have seen the last two, then go see it as a matter of respect.

The Bottom Line


7 responses to this post.

  1. 7aram 3alaych, i loved it!


  2. I will let u know what i think when I get time to watch it 😀


  3. Keira Knightley was hotter that hot, ’nuff said 😀


  4. I’m puzzled by the fact that the three most difficult movies for me to understand (ever) are the ones that make up the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy. I wouldn’t think three movies intended for the selct demographic of men and women from ages nine to ninety-three would be beyond my intellectual grasp, but there it is.


  5. Cool, I will be checking it out then!


  6. Posted by nousha on May 29, 2007 at 12:27 am

    thanks for the review, I am so curious about it too. For me I loved part 1 way more than the second one.


  7. @Baroque
    And I loved it too but my take is that it isn’t as good as the previous ones…and way too long.

    I’m looking forward to your opinion

    Tell me about it…her checks, her lips, the way she takes…she is hot while being extremely feminine. I adore her truly.

    I know exactly what you mean.

    Yeah it is worth checking out…who knows…maybe you will like it than the previous ones.

    You are most welcomed.
    Yeah, part one is a classic…it made history really.


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