Review: Knocked Up


This new adult “romantic” comedy from the guys who brought you The 40-Year Old Virgin has everything you might have anticipated: foul-language, repellent yet hilarious scenes, a wealthy amount of Jewish actors and Jewish jokes, and finally an outstanding humor that only Judd Apatow can bring. The concept of the story is humorous but not as original as The 40 Year Old Virgin. Knocked Up revolves around a hardworking girl (Alison) that works at E! who had a one night stand with a drunken, fat, vulgar, irresponsible, dirty looking slob (Ben) who runs a free-of-charge porn site, and the movie sees them working together throughout the nine month pregnancy. So basically it is the unromantic version of the movie “Nine Months” but it is certainly more memorable and funnier than the latter. Both Katherine Heigl and Seth Rogen step up on taking their roles seriously especially since they are considered straight C-level actors; they both delivered their lines perfectly and their acting was faultless in every scene. Most of the jokes in the movie are extremely dirty that will leave you stunned and some of them can be a little too graphic especially in the “delivery scene”, so don’t expect to see this movie in Kuwait’s theaters anytime soon. The minor characters were good but definitely not as great and memorable as the leading actors but their lines help them to stand out a little. Unfortunately sometimes the jokes are disparately made that they are not even related to the main story whatsoever such as the countless and repetitive jokes to Ben’s bearded friend and the whole marijuana extravaganza that we already have seen it before. The script also shows some weakness regarding Ben’s final resolves and his return to the “righteous pathway” due to the fact those scenes were extremely rushed out and fairly unrealistic. The ending however is certainly satisfying and could bring a tear or two to some people.


In the end, Knocked Up is definitely one of the summer’s hottest and funniest comedies but it is definitely not the best in the genre. You will easily fall in love with the colorful characters and will be bursting with laughter in this 2-hour comedy. Definitely a-must watch for adult comedy lovers.

The Bottom Line

4 responses to this post.

  1. Sweeeetttt!! I really want to see this movie! Can’t wait to get my hands on it!!

    Thanks for the review!


  2. @Marzouq

    You will love it Marzouq…it’s your kind of movie LOL 😀


  3. i SOOOOOOOOO wanted to watch it
    inshallaa i will


  4. @Laialy

    Yeah didn’t you list this movie in your “Must watch summer movie” list? I think you’re gonna love it but be warned…it’s a little dirty LOL 😀


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