Summer Session Ready



As everybody in Kuwait right now probably has finished the finals, I on the other hand just started my summer session. It isn’t that bad actually; the courses are reasonable and the exams are few and far between. The break that I had after the spring’s finals was enough for me to revitalize and charge my batteries so I’m not depressed as you might think. The couple of things that suck are that I have to read a lot, which kinda interferes with my regular summer reading, and the occasional homework and paper writing. Hopefully the summer session will pass by smoothly as I’ve anticipated.

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  1. Sweeeetttt!! I really want to see this movie! Can’t wait to get my hands on it!!


  2. That was for the movie!! haha! But seriously its a good thing your doing, I always took summer sessions in the summer and it made things easier during the year!!!


  3. Rbna M3ak


  4. I used to enjoy summer classes cause they varied from 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 12 weeks! I usually went with the 5 week ones and had 3 months of summer break to enjoy as well!


  5. Off topic: Also by the way, I found out how to access the the spam in wordpress and indeed your comment on my style about Style was there! :/ My bad for not seeing it.


  6. @Marzouq

    Exactly…you read my mind 🙂

    Ajma3een inshallah ^_^

    Yeah mine is also 5 weeks and the days pass quickly before even realizing it.
    LOL well thank god you found it and I hope it was hopeful 🙂


  7. bitofeeg buddy ^_^ i’ll remember you in prayers inshalla


  8. @Laialy
    LOL thanks Laialy…I really need that 🙂


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