Terrified Gamer

This video is hysterically funny which shows a Japanese guy filming himself playing the survival horror game Resident Evil 2. His reactions and comments regarding the fright scenes are hilarious especially the way he controls the character and the constant menu switching. I remember playing the game when I was like 15 years old (the game is intended for those who are 17+) but I certainly wasn’t terrified that much.

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  1. There’s another video for RE4 as well XD


  2. I love the japanese!! they are hilarious!!! hahahaha!!


    its funny bs after a while his voice starts to annoy me esp. his screams 😛


  4. OMGG.. it is HILARIOUS


  5. Why would he record this?


  6. @3baid

    Really? I wanna watch that too.


    Hilarious and strange too.


    Yeah and he seems outta breath in most cases…why the heck does he continue playing?



    @Total Transformation

    Nice avatar 🙂
    I have no idea…maybe to show us how he is such a pussy .


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