Decipher This Code

Those who are into classic mystery books will make sense of the following code below easily. Does it look familiar to you by any chance?


Congratulations to Missy for (almost) solving the code. As most of you have guessed, this is indeed the code from Arthur Conan Doyle’s novel “The Return of Sherlock Holmes: The Adventure of Dancing Men“. The code is straight from the novel and it means:


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  1. From Sherlock Holmes..can’t remember which book though 😦


  2. I would have shot each and everyone of them and then called in CTU… msg clear, they must all disappear!!


  3. It could be a semaphore, people used that to communicate with ships before radio was invented. You can learn more aobut it here:

    Am I right ?


  4. Certainly Sherlock Holmes & The Mystery Of Dancing men 🙂
    but I do not remember how to decipher it


  5. That is cool! how do you decipher it?


  6. S-H’s for sure.. Adventures of the Dancing Men…. God I haven’t Read or seen any of those stories fot ages !!!


  7. Posted by Missy-TheOriginal on June 14, 2007 at 3:06 pm

    It’s from Sherlock Holmes “The Strand Magazine, The Return of Sherlock Holmes: The Adventure of Dancing Men”, the code of dancing men at the end of the story was deciphered by Holmes to mean: COME HERE AT ONCE.

    I tried really hard to decipher the code you constructed but here’s what the best I can do:

    1st word: AM
    2nd word: HERE
    3rd word: A _ E (three letters, the middle one I couldn’t figure out)
    4rth word: Sia(N, V or R) ey (The first three words I think are correct and last two are E and Y but the 4th letter I couldn’t make it… so the whole sentence would be:

    AM, HERE, A__E, SIA__EY

    How far was I right? lol …


  8. Posted by Missy-TheOriginal on June 14, 2007 at 3:16 pm

    OH WAIT!!!!!! I GOT IT!!!!!

    I JUST REALIZED the 2nd letter in the 3rd word is an (R) and the 4th letter in the 4th word is an (N) so the result is:


    Umm….but that doesnt make sense… Is it supposed to be a sentence?

    YALLAH I WANT THE ANSWER!!!! heheheh… 😛


  9. Posted by Missy-TheOriginal on June 14, 2007 at 3:24 pm



  10. @Everybody

    Thanks for trying and good job on figuring out where the code came from. I hope cracking the code didn’t cause any internal brain damage or something LOL (that goes to you Missy).


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