Role Playing Time



I was bored as hell today so I thought I might kill some time by playing videogames but the question is, what game should I play? I was in the mood for a traditional RPG game but I have finished most of them. I double-checked my PS2 library and I found an RPG game that I still haven’t finished it yet and more surprising is the game is actually quite good as I last remembered. The game is no other than Grandia III. I forgot why I have abandoned the game in the first place. Anyway, I booted up the game and I found that I have a file that wasn’t touched since last year with more than 16 hours of gaming. I decided to start a new file and try to finish the game this time. The pictures that you see above are my current progress so far; I was leveling up my characters before venturing further in the game. The combat system is certainly thrilling; I’m so glad I found this game hidden in my videogames library; so expect a review soon.


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  1. Posted by Missy-TheOriginal on June 18, 2007 at 2:22 am

    I enjoyed playing Gradia 1 and 2, but after ending Gradia2 I just lost interest in the game for some reason. Does this part have voice-overs too? I thought the voice acting in Gradia 2 was a bit overdone.


  2. I haven’t tried that game, I wish there was a video game rental in kuwait :/ Wouldn’t want to blow a lot of money on a game I’d rarely play heh.


  3. Posted by Missy-TheOriginal on June 19, 2007 at 1:51 am

    Why the hell did I type it Gradia instead of Grandia…DID YOU PLAY WITH MY COMMENT? *GRRRR* hehehe 😛 jk


  4. Sometimes its hard finding that right game to keep on playing and sometimes you have no time in the day! I never have any time and there are some games I really want to play!!! Seriously!


  5. @Missy

    Yes this sequel is loaded with voice-overs but the performance is quite good. You should definitely play Grandia III…the story isn’t as good as II but the combat system is better balanced.




    Well if you are into RPG games and maybe anime…I say go and buy one…otherwise, stay clear from it.


    LOOL well how about take some time off from anime and play some videogames instead. I know you are a busy person but try to balance things out.


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