Women & High Heels


Why do women wear heels so high they can barely walk in them? It is one of many questions that men cannot seem to figure out the reason behind this…even though they are one of the reasons. A Men’s Health magazine reader asked the same question to the one of the female columnist of the magazine and her respond was:

Because they lengthen our calves, arch our backs, put a swing in our hips, and raise us 3 ½ inches; all of which equals a transformation from average woman to killer babe that’s more than worth toe cramps and bloody blisters.

Oddly that makes sense but they seem to have a very limited use. From my understanding, women wear high heels to look good (and presumably attract men in the process) so why wear them if they aren’t interested in achieving the previous goals. I mean the other day I saw this girl on campus taking her high heels off and replace them with sandals that were stored in her big purse. She obviously got tired from wearing them all day and decided to slip into something more comfortable and surprisingly that wasn’t the first time I witnessed such a thing. That level of insecurity does make me sad a little; although I have to admit, they are indeed sexy and pleasant to look at.

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  1. because we look sexy when wearing it especially if we were wearing gowns and casual dress, so perfectly matched!


  2. Haven’t you seen the Dove ad? It’s all marketing! The world’s perception and expectation of beauty has been raised so high that these items become basic prerequisites.


  3. looool
    my car has a my work heels in them just because i think they complete my business casual look, but i wont dare drive with them and i only wear heels when it’s necessary. i mean even for the sooq i mostly go in flats ,,, i am not ashamed by my hight 😉 mama always said “good things come in small packages” :p


  4. Posted by Peony on June 18, 2007 at 10:20 am

    i hate heels !! i only wear them when i have to wear them (i.e. weddings… etc)
    bs women wear them to look good, hot, whatever you wanna call it.. and not necessarily to attract men.. its for our own satisfaction..


  5. High heel fetish! LOOOL
    I agree with this lady .. it makes them swingy 😀


  6. Same reason they pluck their brows, wear make-up, and dress up.

    في مثل يقولك اكل على كيفك والبس على كيف الناس

    Good God. That (the arabic part) took forever to write heh


  7. Posted by Missy-TheOriginal on June 19, 2007 at 1:49 am

    I wear high heels because they make me feel happy. I like how it feels as soon as I slip my feet in, I like walking around on marbles and going “NOCK…NOCK…NOCK…NOCK” And when i’m a bit in a hurry “NOCK NOCK NOCK NOCK” and when i’m running behind schedules- “NOCKNOCKNOCKCNOKCNOKCNOK” now THAT is MUSIC TO THE EARS MAN!! hehehe I also love how nice my boot legged jeans look with just a bit of heel showing, it’s fashionable and nice in my opinion Angelo but not for all occasions! They do make your back hurts and feet blister. I only wear high heels for a girls’ night out or at parties, mini heels/flats for work and sandles for causal outings.

    Try wearing ’em yourself, you’ll love ’em hehehehh 😛


  8. I think women look damn good in high heels but the clothing has to compliment the whole setup! Even if they wear sandals, women in high heels look much better!!


  9. it has nothing to do with insecurities, they just look good!
    and i dont mind looking taller, i need it!

    and that girl is smart!
    look good shway, rest ur feet shway !


  10. Posted by offmyhead on June 22, 2007 at 8:39 am

    what size high heels do you wear


  11. I have an idiot friend (no names).. who actually believed that heels were good for her posture!… sigh.. I think it’s like feet binding in china.. if society says women should do it.. they do it.. I hate heels.. can’t go 2 hours without taking them off..


    I Tagged you babe!


    where r u btw? are u in kuwait?


  12. @Rieaana

    I know…heels sure transforms a girl into a woman with ease.


    Yeah yeah I saw it but that ad usually deals with facial expectations but I got your point.


    LOOL I agree with your mom. And yes I think your way of wearing heels is a smart way indeed. Flats are more practical but not as sexy as heels.


    I dunno about that…I think attraction is a part of it even it is a small part.


    I heard of feet fetish but never heels fetish…although I won’t be surprised if there are some men aroused by high heels LOL 😀


    Exactly…just to achieve good looks and to be attractive.


    LOOL that’s a cute yet weird reason to wear high heels…but I agree…the sound they makes make you feel an important person wherever you wake with them.


    We can all agree with this logic…even I want my girl to wear high heels.


    “look good shway, rest ur feet shway !”

    LOL that is hilarious. Well, I should have said that some of them are insecure…but all of them looks hoot nevertheless.


    Oh was that supposed to be a joke? Am I supposed to be laughing….


    LOL you always have a “fresh” opinion and kinda different from the norms…but that is the reason I always like you LOL.

    No, I’m still here…no Kuwait for me until Xmas 😦


  13. Although flat shoes are definitely more sensible for long walking distances, a well made pair of high heels boosts a woman’s ego and makes her feel very good.


  14. Posted by Veronica on September 29, 2007 at 3:00 pm

    Are you the Missy from Missyshighheels?


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