No Time For The Environment



Yesterday I was rushing all around the school campus; I got million of things I wanted to do and a group meeting to attend and buses to catch; however, thanks to the many organization we have here, my job to get things done was interrupted many times.

First, a girl stopped me outside the Food Court that we have in campus and said, “Do you have one minute for the environment?” I honestly was in hurry to catch my next class and I knew it would take at least 5 to 6 minutes. So I replied “No, sorry.” Of course, it’s not like I don’t care about the environment but that wasn’t the perfect time to discuss this and yet you can’t help but feel sorry for ditching the cute girl as a careless moron. Also, one the same day, a guy stopped me for a summer job offer and couple of girls also stopped me for a survey asking if I have found Jesus yet. And I refused to listen to any of them, it just I don’t have the time. My friend recommended that I should arm my self with an ipod or a cell phone and pretend to be using them so they can leave me alone. As mean as that sounds, I think I’m going to employ her technique.

4 responses to this post.

  1. i think those environment, summer job, and jesus people would be faking holding an iPod or cell if they were as busy as u were..


  2. LooooooooL
    if you’ve found Jesus!! we all know him you should have answered
    i know how that feels
    Allah e3eenik


  3. Seems pretty hectic. As weird as it may seem, stopping for a minute, to listen and to move on doesn’t seem like a bad idea. In my case I used to not listen or pay attention, recently I stop and I ask, what is this about.. and have some philosophically mind bending 45 sec discussion, and claim I have to leave.. it always keeps them quiet and thinking :p


  4. @Swair

    LOL you brought a good point there…no need to feel sorry then 🙂


    LOL, imagined if I have told them that in their faces…they would crucify me 😀


    That sounds a nice plan without sounding completely rude…I might adapt your method in the future…Thanks ^_^


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