iPhone Premier


Last Friday I went with my friend and her roommate to one of the outdoor malls we have here in my area. We couldn’t help but to notice a long stampede of people outside the Apple store; it didn’t take me too long to realize that they were waiting for iPhone to launch at 6PM. I was really impressed by the number of people who are waiting outside especially since I live in a small college area and everybody was out for the summer.

I took couple of pictures from outside and inside the store; I asked the man who was holding it before me to take couple of pictures of the iPhone while he was browsing it, and he warmly agreed, fortunately. After 20 minutes, I was able to hold it and play with it. It was very high-tech and user friendly. Unfortunately I don’t recommend buying it now because you are obligated to contract with Cingular and also, there is no place to insert the phone chip, which means it is useless to use it in Kuwait. Wait until 2008 for Version 2.0.




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  1. Lol i can’t believe there was a line.. here of all places..


  2. Wow thats just insane! I didn’t think even in small towns there would be lines like that! I wonder how it is in cities like New York, LA, SF, Miami, Boston, SD, and all the other major cities where there are lots of Apple Lovers around!


  3. Yeah, I heard lines were just crazy! I mean wow.. honestly! Apple are GOOD!


  4. Posted by Badran on July 7, 2007 at 12:49 pm

    hi, thanx for the review. i want to buy this iphone so badly, and i was wondering if u know exactly when it couldarrive in Kuwait.


  5. @Femme

    I know…I was surprised myself…but you know Boulder…most of them are Mac Junkies LOL 😀


    Well our area is famous for its Mac lovers but yeah I expect it was insane in the major cities you listed.


    Well thankfully nobody was killed…ala PS3 launch day LOL


    In 2008 inshallah with Version 2.0.


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