Final Confrontation


I’m just moments away of confronting the final boss in Grandia III. Although I have to admit I didn’t give the game my full potential of leveling up the characters but I think they are well prepared. Everybody has mastered his/her most powerful special skill and they are equipped with probably the best equipment in the game including Mana Eggs and Skill Books. I have to say that I really had a good time playing this game; despite the fact the story is so cliché in many angles. Check out the amount of money I have collected so far; man, I wish I had $178940 in my bank account right now.


Dahna (pronounced Donna) is the primary damage dealer in the group especially she has the most powerful magic spell in the game and that is “Heaven’s Gate.” It’s usually knock out 10,000HP from the toughest enemies so I’m going to assault the final boss with this spell and the good thing is that Dohna comes equipped with a skill that revert any spell to 0MP. I’m going to fight the boss tomorrow, so wish me good luck; although, I doubt I need it.


3 responses to this post.

  1. I love the feeling after playing a game for so damn long and finding the end in site!! Good luck and enjoy! hehe


  2. Good luck, I wanna know how the final cut-scene is! Usually that’s the most worthy scene in the game!


  3. @Marzouq

    LOL I know…you always get this great sensation of accomplishment that you wanna call your friends and brag about it. It’s one of the best.


    Well, the final scenes weren’t as epic as Final Fantasy games but satisfying. You simply witness how the world returned to normal and peace roams the Earth and the hero and the heroin gets married and have a child. That’s pretty much it 🙂


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