The New Arranged Marriage Method


Are you familiar with the arrange marriage method we have in Kuwait, especially the engagement part? You know when the two families meet and the boy gets to see the girl privately in a room. Well, according to my friend who has recently returned from Kuwait (loaded with news of course) told me the weirdest thing. He said that Kuwaitis are starting to adept a new method to meet their future brides and grooms without everybody knows what is happening. Apparently, the former method causes too much attention because it is usually turned into a social event, and when the boy or the girl gets rejected, they sometimes bring bad reputation to themselves. Thus, the new method “smartly” negates the negative effect. Here is how it is usually done:

• The two families secretly set a place to meet (over the phone) and it has to be in a public place, let’s say Chocolate Bar (man, I miss that place). The boy and the girl are usually accompanied by their parents and they set in two different tables but very close pay so the boy and the girl can cross eyes.

• Surprisingly, the girl doesn’t indulge herself with makeup (as she normally does when she goes out) so the boy will have the chance to see how she really looks like. The boy on the other hand wears his best clothes.

• After the secret meeting, the boy and the girl exchange phone numbers (either via Bluetooth or from their parents) and talk to each other on the same day or later. Then, the boy and the girl can inform their parents the news.

I will not be surprised if you are not aware of this method because it sounds a little flaky, but I expect anything coming from Kuwait these days. However, the method is preformed secretly so you shouldn’t be aware of it in the first place.

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  1. Very very interesting, I just heard of something of this nature! I think what they are trying to do is keep everything under the radar, the problem in Kuwait is they wait to see anything on the radar to put out rumors as quick as possible. In my opinion this seems healthy, not sure of any problems this could have. I haven’t been to the chocolate bar yet!


  2. umm sounds too flaky to me, ya3ni i dnt get it, a chaperoned date? is that it? and why exchange thru bluetooth or watever if its under parental approval?


  3. Interesting, I’m sure there are some discrepancies.. they probably wouldn’t have to go to that length to avoid public rumors or whatever.


  4. Posted by EniGma on July 10, 2007 at 1:06 am

    this is wrong on so many levels. I’m against traditional marriage in the first place. Usually the guy visits the girl at her workplace or something, I guess this is for the non working girls. It’s the first time I hear something like that.


  5. Posted by Peony on July 10, 2007 at 3:10 am

    what enigma said..
    thats just so wrong on so many levels.
    its like they’re dating w/their parents approval..


  6. What an evolution!


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  8. heard about it
    thought it was stupid, although i see way some people want to adopt it


  9. For some people it works and for some it doesn’t… I think everybody should work! It changes the person!


  10. I don’t think it’s because they think it’ll bring bad reputation as much as people fear the “Evil eye”
    Ya3ni it’s getting ridiculous, the girls I go to school with get engaged, yamlichoon, then tell some people. A girl with me in class has been married for a year but didn’t tell anyone. I was talking to one of my friends about this new trend and she said “ee a7sanlihom, 3ashan ma ya7sidoon-hom”, i’m like “ya7sidon-hom 3ala shino? 3ala getting married!? Sooner or later ibyadroon. Oo ba3dain gilna ina we believe bil3ain bas mo chithee! Kilshay “3ain” oo ba3dain isn’t that part of ilkhi6ba, ina tanshereen il khabar?”

    Ya3ni mo a7san the two families sit together in one table and the girl and guy can have a normal meeting with normal conversations,etc rather than bluetoothing each other or just eyeing each other when their parents know what they’re doing!? Madree, why resort to tacky situations!?


  11. @Marzouq

    Yes most of my friends think the same thing and one of them describes the situation as “dating with your folk’s permission.” It seems it works for those who tried.


    Well, it seems most people are aware of this. And they don’t have to get their phone numbers via bluetooth; their parents can give them the numbers instead.


    And I think that’s one of the reasons this method is starting to pick up by Kuwaitis.


    Well, I’m not against traditional marriage but definitely NOT my way to find a wife. However if this method makes people happy then I guess I’m OK with it.


    Again, if this method is effective then who are we to change it….as long I’m not forced to obey it.


    LOOOL I think it is more like a revolution than an evolution 😀


    Yeah, the first time I heard about it I thought it was stupid but then finding a mate this days is like a full time job…so….


    I didn’t know that the “Evil Eye” or el 3een el 7arah is part of the whole thing. However, so far I know that people started to adapt this because of the fear of rejection…thus, people want to spread the news only if there were positive not negative to the person. Sure, it is tacky and controversial but we cannot deny that it works.


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  13. Posted by Idetrorce on December 16, 2007 at 1:07 am

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you


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