Review: Ratatouille


After the recent streaks of disappointment of Disney’s animated movies such as Cars and Meet The Robinsons, I really had my doubt for Ratatouille at first, but after watching it last night, I was literally in awe. There’s something about Pixar films that set them above other animated films of the same variety. The look and style were totally up to Pixar standards. The design of each character gave them a personality that was obvious before they ever spoke a word of dialogue, and I consider that a good thing. The keen eye for details is certainly astonishing; from the facial expressions (which is better than The The Incredibles) to the rich environment of Paris, and to the tasty dishes that are “presented” in the movie. It is clear that the animators have done their jobs to capture the essence of Paris’s lifestyle and the French Cuisine and how it is made. The voices are terrific, even though I wished if the voices were also French just to appreciate the environment, but nevertheless the English-French accent that manifested the movie was satisfying and hilarious at the same time. Obviously, everything that was done for this film was done to tell a story – and a great one at that. Going back to what I expected before going in, I thought this might be just another story that we have all seen too many times before, but when you realize that the main antagonist is a food critic, you will come to think that the movie is truly original. The soundtrack is delightful and truly has captured the essence of Paris as if you were truly dining in a French restaurant. I really did not find any major flaws with this movie but I wished if the voices of the main characters (i.e Remy the rat and Linguini) were “accented” as well.


In the end, Ratatouille serves us with layers of rich delight, both in themes and technical achievements, making it one of the best movies of 2007. It certainly gives Shrek 3 a run out of its money and provides a perfect example for an excellent animated movie. I highly recommend watching this movie whether you love animated movies or not because it is certainly one of Pixar’s best.

The Bottom Line


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  1. It is on my to watch list! I honestly think these animated movies are creating a revolution now, they’re becoming the “anime” of Hollywood so to speak.. thanks for the review!


  2. cars was good, what’s wrong with cars???
    if i wanted to watch a movie about a rat i’d watch Stewart little


  3. I really have to watch this! But I want to get an extremely clean copy, nothing crappy! I can’t stand crappy movies!


  4. oh i never even heard of it
    but now i have to watch it
    u made it sound extremly interesting


  5. I’m glad you liked it hehe I did too, it was funny at times, my favorites were the controlling part. I don’t want to spoil it for others but you will understand what I mean ;P


  6. @N.

    “Anime of Hollywood”

    LOL, that’s a nice way to put. It’s a great movie…you gonna like it.


    Cars was a big disappointment to me…and the critics agree.
    Well, the rat is the primary hero but most of the scenes involve humans…watch the DVD at least.


    Same thing with me…I love to watch movies the way they are intended to be watched.


    And I hope you will love it when you get the opportunity…I don’t want to start a hype.


    Yes, I know what you are talking about and the theater exploded with laughter in this particular scene…it was funny 🙂


  7. Posted by Hessa on July 21, 2007 at 6:22 pm

    Starnge That I haven’t heard of the movie.. It might be due to the delayed Première in the UK, which is typical. It might be out in 3-4 months here in the UK. I will check it out after I watched the trailer, Seems funny!!

    Thanks for the review


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