E3 Blowout Impressions

In case you live in a cave, E3 (stands for Electronic Entertainment Expo) started yesterday with Microsoft conference and heated things up with Nintendo and Sony’s conferences later today. I have seen all the conferences from start to finish and I’ve been glued at my laptop screen and reading/watching hand-ons and impressions. I have also created lists of games that I want to play on each platform; however, the games on each list are based on E3 only.

Microsoft (Xbox360) Conference


It was a little bit boring to tell you the truth and the reason is that there weren’t big surprises. They simply re-affirmed what we already know but the announcement of Halo 3 Xbox360 Edition will certainly please some people, and I didn’t really care about downloadable Disney movies on the X360. For now I’m glad that Peter Moore didn’t have a tattoo on his butt confirming an exclusivity of a certain game. Here is the list of games I’m dying to try on Xbox360, and yes, there is no Halo 3 on my the list:

• Lost Odyssey (Exclusive)
• Silent Hill 5 (Xbox360/PS3)
• Eternal Sonata (Exclusive)
• Blue Dragon (Exclusive)
• F.E.A.R. Files (Exclusive)

• Resident Evil 5 (Xbox360/PS3)
• Condemned 2: Bloodshot (Xbox360/PS3)
• BioShock (Exclusive)
• Assassin’s Creed (Xbox360/PS3)
• Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Xbox360/PS3)
• Mass Effect (Exclusive)
• Soul Calibur IV (Xbox360/PS3)
• Devil May Cry 4 (Xbox360/PS3)
• Fracture (Xbox360/PS3)

Nintendo (Wii/DS) Conference


The conference was on the fun side but I was surprised that there weren’t too many new surprises. Although I’m glad that the big 3 games are going to be released this year so that’s something to look forward to. Wii Fit seems a good game to capitalize the casual market once more, and the introduction of the Wii Zapper and Mario Kart are sweet. Here is my list of games for the Wii and they are all exclusive titles:

• Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles (Exclusive)
• Soul Calibur Legends (Exclusive)
• Mario Kart Wii (Exclusive)
• NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams (Exclusive)
• Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (Exclusive)
• Bleach: Shattered Blade (Exclusive)
• Fire Emblem: Goddess of Dawn (Exclusive)
• Endless Ocean (Exclusive)
• Mario Strikers Charged (Exclusive)
• Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Exclusive)
• Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (Exclusive)
• Super Mario Galaxy (Exclusive)
• Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors (Exclusive)
• Project Rygar (Exclusive)
• Trauma Center: New Blood (Exclusive)

Sony (PS3/PSP) Conference


Surprisingly, Sony had the best conference of all three in term of new contents and surprises. The price-cut is certainly attractive and PSP-Slim is a definite purchase for me because I already have my eyes on pretty cool PSP games. Sony also surprised me by the amount of exclusive games they have for this year and beyond. Home also looking pretty awesome. It seems PS3 is going to be my next purchase because I’m dying for HD games on my HD-TV. Here is my list for PS3 I wanna get my hands on:

• Silent Hill 5 (Xbox360/PS3)
• Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (Exclusive)
• Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction (Exclusive)
• Killzone 2 (Exclusive)
• Infamous (Exclusive)
• Heavenly Sword (Exclusive)
• Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune (Exclusive)
• Little Big Planet (Exclusive)

• Soul Calibur IV (Xbox360/PS3)
• Resident Evil 5 (Xbox360/PS3)
• Folklore (Exclusive)
• Condemned 2: Bloodshot (Xbox360/PS3)
• Haze (Exclusive)
• Unreal Tournament 3 (Exclusive)

• Assassin’s Creed (Xbox360/PS3)
• Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Xbox360/PS3)
• Devil May Cry 4 (Xbox360/PS3)
• Fracture (Xbox360/PS3)

Obviously, this year is a good year to play games and my interest to get a PS3 has sharply pumped up. For now, I’m looking forward for Tokyo Game Show 07 to see what are the Japanese developers have for us.

4 responses to this post.

  1. I got a few of those on my list. I still haven’t gotten my ps3 yet, but soon enshalla! I also heard they’re going to have the 80gb one for the same price as the 60gb current one, while the 60gb is getting the price cut.


  2. Thats a list of some very cool games! I would like to get my hands on a lot of them! The funny part is all the exclusive games for the Wii. Now we shall see who’s exclusive games between XBox 360 and Sony that will beat the other! There will be one game that will come top that will be interesting!


  3. I dunno about you, but I found this E3 slightly dull since there weren’t any surprises. I was also hoping they’d show more games like NiGHTs :/


  4. @N.

    Few? I thought I picked the best LOL. Yes, you got that info right but the 60GB is enough for me.


    Well, I think that the reason of Wii exclusivity is the graphic capability and the motion controller. I mean, you cannot port GoD4 to the Wii because it cannot handle it and you wouldn’t have the same experience of playing Umbrella Corporation in a 360 or PS3.

    Well, I still think that 360 will beat the sales of PS3 (hardware and software wise) especaiily in America. But it is vice versa in Japan and Europe.


    It was and there were no booth babes 😦
    We will get more game in Tokyo Game Show.


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