A Lame Excuse For A Long Absence


Although my absence isn’t as long as most bloggers usually do, but for me it is freakin long. Since the second term of summer school started and I have been extremely lazy to blog anything. If I had to blame something, then it’s got to be my upper division writing class. The class is jam-packed with reading materials and writing assignments, and they are due almost three times per week. Not to mention the “big paper” that is due every Monday. Thus, my “writing energy” is usually drained out by the end of the day, and my enthusiasm to blog something (even if it was a good thing) vanishes. I know…Lame.

Right now, I’m going to take advantage of this weekend and blog as much as I can, and try to visit my regulars. Happy blogging everyone!


7 responses to this post.

  1. ooow its been really long since ive blogged too ..
    🙂 its good to see that some of the old bloggers still didnt quit ;p
    well dont worry taking blog breaks is neccesary.. and ur excuse makes sense!
    anyways .. welcome back 🙂


  2. allah e3eenik buddy … i will be doing the same for next semester but not exactly an English class


  3. Welcome Back!


  4. Very tiring I could see! No wonder you couldn’t blog for a while! I can’t blame you!


  5. Betawfej! Its nice to take a break sometime, but I miss those psychological posts of yours! Need more to understand other people :p


  6. Good luck!


  7. @No3ik

    It’s good to be back. Thanks for understanding my situation. 🙂


    And I’ll be there for you and helping you out and boost your moral inshallah.


    Merci 😉


    It sure was..but now it’s over and my enthusiasm to blog is finally kicking.


    Hahaha well thank you…it’s nice to find that my work is finally helping some people 🙂


    Thanks man.


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