Review: Monsieur Ibrahim


This exquisite French film that is based on Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt’s novel is rather simple on the surface but quite deep in meaning. Monsieur Ibrahim is a delightful emotional film about friendship between two unlikely individuals. Set in Paris during the 1960’s with beautiful cinematography and a soundtrack that enhances the film greatly; watching this film was a truly wonderful experience. The tale centers on a young Jewish boy (played by Pierre Boulanger) in the prime of his adolescence who befriends the neighborhood shopkeeper owned by a Sufi Muslim (played by the legendary Omar Sharif) and both befall to develop an unusual friendship crossing both generational and religious boundaries. The director Francois Dupeyron displayed an extraordinary job conducting this film from the ground up, both in cinematography and performance. Veteran actor Omar Sharif is wonderful as the solid and wise in Monsieur Ibrahim, but it is Boulanger who is the real surprise in this film; he is truly the absolute heart and warmth of the movie, and truly displayed the true adolescences that young boys come across in their lives. The ending is somewhat predictable but that doesn’t diminish the impact of the film on the soul.


Monsieur Ibrahim is a beautiful, heartfelt film that doesn’t stand on its head to try and impress us. It seeps into our hearts one scene at a time, until, by the end, we realize what a profound emotional impact it has had on us. You will fall in love easily with this movie; it’s crafted so well, with such heart and taste, that it proves that big money is not necessary to make big movies. Highly recommended.

The Bottom Line

8 responses to this post.

  1. I think is was an excellent movie. It just shows how we can all get along.


  2. ooh
    sounds like something i could fall in love with

    and i adore omar elshrif

    so definitly on my must see list


  3. Very nice, I will be checking it out! Omar El Shareef is a great actor, and I love when he acts in English movies!


  4. Sounds very interesting, I’ll taggin the movie.. somwehre so I can remember it.. (ok done, Google Notebook..)


  5. I’ve been wanting to see that movie forever now, and I guess this has increased my drive to do so! Thanks for the good review.


  6. Yeah.. I remember this story.. we read it at our local bookclub a year ago.. was quite controversial.. not everybody approved of the story line, nevertheless a delightful read.


  7. I loved this movie!


  8. @Bozwayed

    Exactly. I loved movies that show the true nature of human heart. We all should live happily ever after 🙂


    You will adore this movie. It’s very…innocent.


    Yeah he’s terrific in every role I have seen him…except Hidalgo. I was surprised to know that he speaks French fluently.


    Well there you go…hope you find it a pleasant want and worth the trouble.


    You are most welcome ^_^


    I wonder why it was controversial. I found it very pleasing and ten times better than the crap that we are used to.


    Same here buddy 😉


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