Preview: Beowulf

In case you haven’t figured it out (or didn’t know) Beowulf is an adaptation of an English poem of the same name. The movie uses a special technique of digitally enhanced live action movement, probably similar to the movie 300. Although, it doesn’t look it has the slick art style of 300, but it seems it has a better story. Plus, Angelina Jolie is starring in it. That’s alone is enough reason to watch the movie.

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  1. This is cool, lets hope it gets to the cinema screen all in one piece! 😀


  2. It is one big poem! It took me ages to decipher the old language in Junior year. It would be nice if they retained the old English in the movie. I’d like to see Jolie pull this one off with a broken dialect hehe…


  3. It looks cool but nothing… and I mean nothing can top 300! It was a mans movie… a real man… he did what he had to do .. no powers nothing.. just fight hard and strong!!! lol!


  4. Offtopic: Must see XD


  5. for the first time i have to agree with Zouq, 300 oo bs ;p


  6. @N.

    LOL doubt it. Better book some ticket from now and watch it in Dubai.


    I trust Angelina will do a good job. But man, you had to decipher this poem in junior high. Must have been pretty hard assignment.


    I agree with you…it still doesn’t have the coolness of 300 and the big hype. It’s interesting nevertheless.


    Wise decision.


    LOOL you say that because you loved the abs and the muscular bodies.


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