New Shows To Watch This Fall

Pushing Daisies


  • Premier: October 03, 2007 (ABC)
  • Plot: Pushing Daisies is a “forensic fairy tale” that focuses on Ned, a pie-maker with a mysterious ability to make the dead live again. The gift is not without its complications, however: if he touches this being a second time, they’ll be dead permanently. If they live for more than 60 seconds, somebody else nearby will die.

Back To You


  • Premier: September 19, 2007 (FOX)
  • Plot: The main characters of the show are Chuck Darling and Kelly Carr. They were co-anchors of a Pittsburgh news program and had great on-screen chemistry, despite constant quarreling off-screen. However, Chuck left to take a job elsewhere. After an embarrassing comment he made resulting in his firing from a large market (LA), Chuck returned to Pittsburgh.

Gossip Girl


  • Premier: September 19, 2007 (CW)
  • Plot: Gossip Girl revolves around the lives of socialite young adults growing up on New York’s Upper East Side who attend elite academic institutions whilst dealing with sex, drugs, and other teenage issues. Featuring an ensemble cast, the series mainly centers on the lives of former best friends. The series is narrated by a seemingly omniscient character, “Gossip Girl” who runs a blog about her fellow Upper East Siders and consequently stirring the pot and creating potential rivalries in this exclusive and vicious circle of friends.

Big Shots


  • Premier: September 27, 2007 (ABC)
  • Plot: This is the story of four friends at the top of their game… until the women in their lives enter the room. Lines between boardroom and bedroom blur when these competitive but dysfunctional CEOs take refuge in their friendship, discussing business, confiding secrets, seeking advice and supporting each other through life’s surprising twists and turns.




  • Premier: September 24, 2007 (NBC)
  • Plot: Dan Vasser thought he had it all: a loving wife, a great son and a steady job. But life suddenly throws him a curve ball. Dan finds himself traveling into the past with a purpose, impacting people’s lives for the better,and sometimes the worse. While doing so, Dan reconnects with Livia Beale, his ex-fiancée, whom he lost in a mysterious plane crash. Now armed with the knowledge of the present, will he be able to save her? What would that mean to his own future? And how would it change a man who thought he had it all?

Click HERE to view the new fall lineup of TV shows.

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  1. […] My good friend Angelo wrote also a review of new shows he’ll be watching and of those shows I will be checking out […]


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