Run Like Mario


Am I a geek for wanting those snickers so bad? (Don’t answer the question). Regardless of how they look, those snickers are a top-notch running shoes made by Run Athletics. They implemented their famous Legacy model on these Super Mario shoes and make them suitable for joggers and runners alike. Unfortunately, they are only being sold in Nintendo World Center in New York City. Though, you might have a good chance to buy them for a hefty price at Ebay. However, don’t expect to run, jump, and somersault your way like Mario; those moves can only preformed by the King of Platform himself.

4 responses to this post.

  1. Now those are cooooool! Too bad you can’t jump on people’s heads and make them disappear!


  2. I’d rather go for Sonic shoes!


  3. Those do look cool! I’d get me a pair if I could!


  4. @Marzouq

    Yeah, I total lost. I always wanted to pull off a three-jump move *sigh*


    I think there is one but I don’t remember where I saw it. Although, it can only be bought in Japan.


    Stupid Nintendo! They should promote their “accessories” globally.


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