Are You A Perfectionist?


Perfectionism is a belief that perfection can and should be attained. In its pathological form, it is a belief that anything less than perfect is unacceptable. At pathological levels, this is considered an unhealthy belief. Most people feel that perfectionism is something positive and by adhering that principle they can achieve anything. Psychologists argue that people should strive to be a healthy striver then a perfectionist. Others argue however, that perfectionism is like a dual-edge sword; it does have positive aspects such as driving people to accomplishments and motivations, and the tendency to have lower levels of procrastination. Here are some examples that can help you to identify whether you are a perfectionist or a healthy striver.


  • Sets standards beyond reach and reason
  • Is never satisfied by anything less than perfection
  • Becomes dysfunctionally depressed when experiences failure and disappointment
  • Is preoccupied with fear of failure and disapproval–this can deplete energy levels
  • Sees mistakes as evidence of unworthiness
  • Becomes overly defensive when criticized

Healthy Striver

  • Sets high standards, but just beyond reach
  • Enjoys process as well as outcome
  • Bounces back from failure and disappointment quickly and with energy
  • Keeps normal anxiety and fear of failure and disapproval within bounds–uses them to create energy
  • Sees mistakes as opportunities for growth and learning
  • Reacts positively to helpful criticism

7 responses to this post.

  1. Is that even a question?
    Perfectionist i am, and i will probably die young because of it … example, i used to cross stitch which is a very tedious hobby. if one stitch was wrong, i would always want to start the project from scratch. That hobby didn’t last long
    what happen to your website?


  2. happen = happened


  3. I only set certain standards so that I don’t mess up whatever I’m doing! loooool! I tend to set goals which are easily achievable and when I easily exceed them I’m very happy! looool!


  4. Well I see myself as a perfectionist & love setting goals & standards… I believe these are essential for things to work soundly… Your website is better like this


  5. yes im a perfectionist and no its not fun


  6. I’m probably a perfectionist. However, to me, nothing can be perfect.. I’m in an endless loop.. I hate that.


  7. @Laialy

    LOL that seems to be OSD-tendencies to me 😀

    Oh, you mean my Vox website? I deleted it and sticked with this one. It was a dumb move.


    That’s actually a healthy way to employ in your life. You are seemly boosting your moral by using rational goals and then reward yourself upon succeeding. Keep it up 😉


    As long it remains beneficial and you have a sense of control upon your tasks and goals, I see no reason to change your tactics and your way of thinking.



    I recommend that you deceases your expectations and goals by a very small margins gradually on every task, and when the expectations didn’t meet the results, remind yourself that you have done the best and try to focus on the accomplishments that you have achieved instead of the minor flaws.


    That seems another case of OSD too.


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