Preview: Zune 2 Generation


I usually leave the introduction of new gadgets to my tech savvy friends 3biad and Marzouq, but I’m not going to let them hog this privilege for themselves anymore (sorry guys). Anyway, yesterday Microsoft revealed the new lineup of their MP3 players dubbed as “Zune 2” which features pretty neat additions that some of them aren’t available in the iPod…yet. Here is a quick walkthrough of the new Zune features that will be also obtainable to old Zune users via a simple upgrade:

  • The newest additions are smaller 4gb and 8gb players with flash memory with sport video playback and wireless functionality.
  • They are priced at $149 -4gb and $199 -8gb.
  • Currently the small Zunes come in red, pink, green, and black.
  • An updated hard drive model will have 80GB of storage and come in black at launch.
  • New Zunes are due to release around November 13th.
  • New Wi-Fi features will include wireless sync with PC. Shared songs will no longer have a 3 day limit for use, but the 3 play rule remains in effect.
  • Photos as usual have no restrictions at all when shared Zune to Zune.
  • To improve on “the social” online Zune Cards will be introduced. Each card can be personalized based on unique interest.
  • Zunecasts (podcasts) are coming to the Zune marketplace along with video content. TV shows recorded on Windows Media Center can also be synced up with the Zune devices.

Why I Won’t Buy It?

  • The Zune Marketplace is still not as strong and user-friendly as the iTunes.
  • Is not compatible with Mac OSX.
  • No touch screen and Wi-Fi iTunes ala iPod Touch.
  • Still not that good looking.
  • Won’t be able to take advantage of Wi-Fi sharing because I don’t know anyone who owns a Zune.

Regardless, I think Zune is a good hardware and complement PC owners quite well. However, I still cannot consider it as an iPod Killer mainly because Apple owns roughly 75% of the MP3 industry while Zune only owns a mere 10%.

4 responses to this post.

  1. loool! Well said, it has its shortcomings and biggest problem is the damn DRM! I will stick to my Trekstor Vibez! Thank you very much! Until they get rid of the DRM then I would consider it! For now there is samsung, sansa, and iriver for other choices!


  2. Great review 😉


  3. Great review! With all the mac hype, its rare to find a different kind of product review, thanks!


  4. @Marzouq

    That’s what I was thinking. One friend has an MP3 from Samsung and the other has Sony’s and both are excellent and friendly. I mean if you don’t like the iPod then there is no reason to choose Zune as an alternative; they are better MP3 players in the market.


    You are welcome, and I missed your Ranma’s avatar…glad to have it back 😀


    Again, thanks for the nice words. Hope you find an MP3 that is suitable for your taste.


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