Kernel Panic!


I just wanted to tell you guys that two weeks ago my laptop has died on me, or to put it more professionally, it had “kernel panicked”. Right now, I am blogging using my friend’s computer and I thought I should inform you about my blogging delay. I had my laptop checked at the Apple Store the other day and the guy said that it would cost 300$ to fix it. Honestly, I don’t want to pay that kind of money since I’m intended to get me a Macbook in the future (I’m using iBook G4 currently). I’ll see if I can afford to buy a Macbook (with already installed-leopard) or not. So, until then…

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  1. Damn, that really does suck! Goodluck with the buddy! They over charge for fixing it! Then you only have a week to wait until Leopard comes out!


  2. Posted by Missy-TheOrginal on October 20, 2007 at 4:57 am

    Oh no… panicked? That’s like when they told us a plant of ours was psychologically sick. Best of luck- come back soon!


  3. 300$ to fix? the problem sounds minor. Did they tell exactly what the problem is?


  4. Sorry to heard about your laptop, good luck with the macbook and keep us posted.


  5. Sorry about ur laptop.. if that will make u feel better, I love your new layout


  6. poor thing! My other laptop went koko too!


  7. Did you try run Disk Utility to repair the disk? How about reinstalling the OS?

    If it’s a hardware issue, you’re better off getting a Macbook. You’ll be getting the intel processor, running Leopard, on a brighter display, with a new keyboard, built-in isight, magSafe connector, scrolling trackpad, front row, and the new iLife for more or less than the same price you got your G4.


  8. try to reset the Pram or log into single user mode and run a “fscheck” I forget the command a kernal panic does not fry the laptop since it is a software issue not a hardware one. did you add any ram to your ibook? if you did that might be the culprit


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