A Halloween Post


Almost every year’s Halloween since I came to the United States, I usually go out, dress up, and go celebrating with friends. I remember my first Halloween hangout. Initially, I didn’t want to go but the rest of my friends made a spontaneous decision to dress up and grab whatever they could pass as a custom, and obviously, most of the guys wore their dishdashas. “So, I racked my rack, and then it came to me” (said Karen Walker) and decided to follow Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong fashion sense. The reason that I chose to dress up like him is because I was wearing a tight, short-sleeved shirt that day, and my friend happened to have a red tie so I borrowed it and wore it. I applied a mixture of water and mousse on my hair, and a black eyeliner beneath my eyes and in less than 10 minutes I was done. We went to the Hill (it’s a street where CU students usually party) and met all kind of people and customs. It was fun and I was surprised that I was passed as Billie Joe according to several people we met on the street, or maybe their decision making was impaired because they were drunk to their heads.

So, what am I doing this year? Nothing. Right now, I’m happy with just sitting in my home, TV on CW, and surfing the net in the comfort of my couch. I’m going to watch some scary movies later this evening; I think my HBO has a couple of horror movies that are worth watching.



May Your Screams Come True

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  1. I went to a few halloween things in San Francisco, and they were insane. Just to see, I never really dressed up and dressing up as an arab isn’t the smartest thing to do during my time! lol!

    Its fun going around seeing what is going on, but I hate dealing with the drunks!


  2. *pass out* I love Billie!! Happy Halloween back atch!


  3. u should have gone out
    it would have been a nice experiance to take home with u


  4. Happy hallowEeeen


  5. I dun celeb. Halloween .. but Happy Halloween 😀


  6. Posted by Sushi on November 1, 2007 at 8:20 am

    Happy Halloween.

    I would dress as Cruella Devil and hold two fat baby dalmations in both hands to squeeze like silly putty. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKK!!!

    Enjoy your night *RRRAAAAAWWWWRRR*


  7. @Marzouq

    “never really dressed up and dressing up as an arab isn’t the smartest thing to do during my time!”

    LOOL 9/11 definitely ruined the fun out of Halloween for you. I try to shun myself from the drunks as much as I could…some of them really are scary and I don’t mean their customs.


    LOL thanks and may your screams come true 😉


    I usually go out and celebrate every year but I didn’t feel doing so this year. I wanted to stay in and watch as many horror flicks as I could.

    @Blue Dress

    Right back at ya 😉


    Well I don’t celebrate it religiously if that’s what you mean (nobody does actually). I just go out and make fun of myself.


    LOOOL now that’s a cool custom I wanna see it comes to life. You should definitely do that regardless of Halloween.


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