New Macbook Ahoy!


After weeks of Internet deprivation and constant kernel panicking, I finally got a new Macbook equipped with the super sleek Leopard. I particularly spent most of the day installing new programs and software, and of course, playing around with Leopard’s new features. The difference between my 1.33GHz iBook and the current 2.16 GHz (Intel Core 2 Due) Macbook is quite huge as everything is operating smoothly with impressive speed. The screen is wide and bright, and the keyboard is “clicky” and comfortable. Unfortunately, I still haven’t abused the Time Machine and the Photo Booth, but the new desktop and Safari are certainly welcoming. In the end, I have to say I’m glad that I can finally access the web again and resume my usual blogging routine.


My current desktop. I need to “stake” my files properly.

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  1. :/ mabrouk! This makes my decision even harder now!


  2. ahhhh u should have waited just a tiny bit since rumors are abound of a new updated macbook coming along this month.


  3. Alf mabrook .. sounds like a very good one 😀


  4. Mubrook! 🙂


  5. Mabrook! That wallpaper is hot.


  6. quite hot but yeah you should’ve waiting a tiny bit 😛


  7. Congrats and enjoy the new setup! You will be playing around with it for a while!


  8. Apple just updated their Macbooks and guess what? They’re just 10% faster. No regrets! 😉


  9. @ChikaP

    Allah yebarek feech thanks.

    LOL well it’s up to you…I find Apple products one of the finest out there.


    YES I just heard about from 3baid just now. Well, I guess 0.04 extra GHz won’t do that big of a difference…I think!


    Allah yebarek feek habibi. Yes, it’s very nice and sleek…I’m really happy 🙂


    Allah yebarek feek. Aghhh, damn you Apple.

    Well it’s very fast for me right now and the 0.04GHz isn’t that big of a deal LOL (I know I’m kidding myself but denial is the best medicine in this situation).


    Allah yebarek feek…and thanks 😉


    I know! I wish somebody told me sooner…oh well.


    Thanks buddy. Yeah, I’m still learning.


  10. The wallpapers is awesome. I’m a Death Note lover and this one I envy the most.. Hows the macbook been doing now? Hope its a great macbook.


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