The video above is a short experimental film created and directed by my cousin who is currently studying film major in Southern Illinois University; he’s one of the few Kuwaiti students studying film major abroad. It’s short but that was one of the many requirements the instructor has given, including that the film project should be directed by one person. Personally, I think it is well made, and the mood perfectly captures the subject of the film. The guy you see in the film is not by cousin but one of his colleagues, and I think he did a good job (well he didn’t have to do anything but to sleep). My cousin wishes to become a prominent director and his dream goes international, because he doesn’t see the Khaliji Cinema will pay him attention or gives him the opportunity to create his films; I agree wholeheartedly. I really admire his ambitions, and who knows, maybe you will see his name in the future in some movie. He’s currently a sophomore, so there will be more film projects to be made and that means more encouragement and moral support from me. Hang in there Azooz!

Q: I didn’t understand the movie, what is it about?

A: Well it’s an experimental film, so dialogue and drama aren’t necessarily the elements of the movie but the ability to capture the essence of the subject shown, and the subject here is REM sleep (or Rapid Eye Movement). Generally, dreams are manifestation of events and thoughts that occurred prior to sleeping, and the man shown in the movie is having a REM sleep from watching too many mainstream media. Later, the man is shown to wake up in a middle of the nature where everything is real, not fabricated by humans. He takes his time to feel and listen to the nature, to the “real world”. Finally, the man wakes up from his dream and instantly looks to the window before doing anything else, as he reassures himself that the true real world is out there somewhere.

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  1. mshallah it’s good 🙂 I liked the effect


  2. A very interesting piece as a matter of fact , the monochrome, the vintage theme, the elements of a dream .. truly calculated

    The actor is very cute though “blush” .. sorry, had to say it 😛


  3. Posted by Sushi on October 31, 2007 at 6:30 am

    He has some potential mashallah. I always wondered why we lack good Khaliji movie makers. Maybe he’ll make history. Allah ywafga.


  4. Mashallah, I liked his approach to classical directing :]


  5. Allah ewafja enshalla, excellent job. I loved the editing in general, and the REM concept was very cool.


  6. @ChikaP

    Glad you find it amazing ^_^


    LOOL you think? I don’t know, he seems a little geekish. Well, maybe that’s the turn on LOOL.


    I really hope so because that’s his dream and he as been making films as long as I can remember. He really wants this.


    Me too. Although I hope not all his movies go to this direction LOL.


    I thought so (and psss I helped him with the REM thing coz I’m studying Psychology) 😉


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