Top 5 Scariest Games I Have Ever Played

It just came to me that I wanted to introduce this list on Halloween but I completely forgot about it until now. Regardless, I’m going to introduce the list whether you like it or not. Those five games really scared the shit outta me. They didn’t give me nightmares per se, but when I played them; they sure made me paranoid and jittery. Turn off the light and wear a diaper because you are about to witness the top 5 scariest games I have ever played.

#5 Doom 3 (Xbox)


Doom is considered a sci-fi game than a horror game but the amount of gore and blood would definitely bring a tiny poop in your pants. The dark atmosphere, the screaming, and the horrifying design of monsters make this game a strong contender in the world of gaming horror.

#4 Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem (Nintendo Gamecube)


There is nothing scary than a game that manipulates your mind and makes you throw the controller out of frustration, thinking that you have just deleted the game instead of saving your progress. Yes, not only the characters of the game go insane most of the time (depending on your sanity’s meter) but the game cleverly drives you insane by toying around with your own sanity. That, and the eerie dialogue, the haunting atmosphere, and the brutal death scenes make this game one of the most horrifying games ever created.

#3 Resident Evil (Nintendo Gamecube)


The original Resident Evil on the PSOne was definitely one of the scariest titles of its generation, but several years later Capcom decided to bring the game to the Cube with realistic textures and designs that confused some people if those games were ever related. The dark mansion was certainly breathtaking, and haunting at the same time, and the realistic design of the zombies and monsters made your “accidental”visit to the mansion a living nightmare. Believe me, every time I picked the controller I used to jitter like a madman, scared of something suddenly popping out in the next corner. It is that scary.

#2 Fetal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly (Playstation 2)


What if I told you that your only weapon in a haunted Japanese village is just a camera and nothing else? Will you be able to step up and do a little exploration? Your answer doesn’t really matter because there is such a game that lets you “enjoy” such a thing. Your main enemies are ghosts; a few are friendly, but most are not. The only form of defense is a camera, which allows you to exorcise ghosts by taking a picture of them and thus, sealing their spirit in the film. The game also has one of the most horrifying soundtrack and sounds that I’ve ever experienced in my gaming life, and the story is nothing but a script of a Japanese horror film. If that isn’t a bad news then I don’t know what it is.

#1 Silent Hill 2 (Playstation 2)


Yes ladies and gentlemen. The queen of horror games is no other than Konami’s sick masterpiece Silent Hill 2. The daunting atmosphere, the twisted storyline, and the sickening monsters’design (that I swear only exists in nightmares) are few of many things that make playing Silent Hill game more like a chore of constant trips to the bathroom. The way the monsters move, the way they scream when you hit them, and the way they attack you is just sick and twisted. Seriously, if you have a weak heart (or think you have one) then steer clear of this game. Not only it will give you nightmares but also it will plant dark thoughts and images that are really hard to shake off. However, if you can go over all of that, you will discover a fine game that has a strong lasting appeal that dares you to make a second visit to the town of Silent Hill in purpose of unlocking the hidden mysteries and extras. For strong hearts only!


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  1. Oh, you seem to like them 😀

    I guess you would like ManHunt 2 as well .. it’s been banned in the UK for 2 times now for being very violent and it’s being launched with Halloween .. what a perfect timing 🙂


  2. Posted by Sushi on November 2, 2007 at 5:54 am

    Good scary selection. I slept with my lights on for a week after playing Fetal Frame: Crimson Butterfly :/ lol


  3. Posted by Gorgo on November 2, 2007 at 9:22 am

    Hi everyone.
    Eternal Darkness was an awesome game for GC, u right, also Silent Hill 2 yes. But i remember for me one of the most scariest game was Thief the Metal Age for pc!


  4. Informative.. sad I am not a games person 😀


  5. Allah! These look good- I remember my sister, the Silent Hill addict, scary shit! She plays in the dark too!


  6. I must say, the sanity system in Eternal Darkness was most innovative horror concept on any game. I didn’t play the game, but I’ve seen many of the weird effects that occurred during gameplay.


  7. Silent Hill yes, Resident Evil yes,

    and do you remember Dark! From the PC days, that game FREAKED me out!


  8. @Ahmed

    I know all about Manhunt but I really doubt it is scary. Besides have you seen the reviews it got…they don’t sound promising.


    LOOL well it was definitely one of the scariest experiences I ever had. I totally freaked out when I encountered the falling lady from the ceiling.


    I’m not familiar with PC games so unfortunately I don’t know anything about the game you mentioned. I might ask my PC friends about it though.


    LOL well you should. Video games have turned to be one of the finest mediums in terms of entertainment.


    I played it in dark too. It adds a great atmosphere to the game. Your sister is a brave one 🙂


    Wahhhhhhhhh and you call yourself a Gamecube owner (just kidding)

    Yes the sanity’s meter was one of the original concepts in the game…it’s damn cool to experience it first hand too.


    The game has a ring to it and sounds familiar…I don’t know really. There was a game called D! on the 3DO but I doubt those games are related though.


  9. Posted by whatigotsofar on November 5, 2007 at 1:20 pm

    Doom 3 was fantasticly frightening. I could never play more than two or three levels a day just because my heart would be beating to fast. F.E.A.R. wasn’t bad either.

    But the scariest to me would have to be Final Doom for the PC. Basically its just different levels for Doom ][. But the levels were planned out perfectly for maximum scaryness. I think some of those levels developers worked on Doom 3.


  10. @What I Got So Far

    I have never played F.E.A.R and I so wanted to. I heard its getting a sequel too. Unfortunately, I’m not a PC gamer so I know squat about Final Doom but it sounds interesting.


  11. do0om 72 72


  12. Posted by Jell-E on September 20, 2008 at 3:13 am

    MAJOR BUMP but I just had to say it…
    the 2 games (or rather portions of them) that are by far the most sickening creepy (even much more than all of the silent hill ones) are on second place the 2 Hour Cradle mission in Thief 3: Deadly Shadows and by far the most dreadfully pant-wetting experience you could have is to play The Inverted Manse, a downloadable fan mission for Thief 2: The metal age. even typing its name makes me shudder. by any means try to get a copy of Thief 2 (by the way thief 1: the dark project is also a masterpiece and its haunted cathedral is probably on 3rd place), just download it if necessary and search for and download The Inverted Manse and you’ll have, guaranteed, the most scary experience of your life.


  13. Posted by Sushant on September 21, 2009 at 1:45 am

    i like your take on silent hill.Very true cauz ive played silent hill 4 :the room and silent hill origins.Both freaked me out quite a bit.I still havnt completed silent hill 4.It Freaked me out a lot!.couldnt sleep after i saw the Twin head babies monster!


  14. wow those must bbe the most scariest game in the world!!! but i think personaly that silent hill the game is so much scairer though too. you should of added that game too.


  15. Excellent article. I’m going through a few of these issues as well..


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