Review: Beowulf


Robert Zemmeckis’ CGI depiction of one of the most ancient poems in English literature provides a successful merge in both motion capture and film animation technology. At first, the movie might seems as the darker version of the Polar Express, or a simple cut-scene of a videogame epic, but the visuals and the animation gradually draw you in bewilderment on why normal, live action movies don’t look quite as good as Beowulf. Indeed, Sony Imagework’s impressive CGI is so gorgeous that you can’t help but gape at the photorealism and the excellent cinematography. All the actors including the seductive Angelina Jolie to the veteran Anthony Hopkins to even Ray Winstone’s impressive Beowulf have pulled off amazing performances and portrayals. However, if you are seeking a true depiction of the original poem, then this movie is certainly not for you. Just like 300‘s divergence, while some of the film remains true to the poem, the plot deviates significantly from the original as certain elements were created specifically for the screenplay. Thus, it is extremely important that you remind yourself that what you are watching is a just a groundbreaking action movie, not a true adaptation. The dialogue also sags in some occasions in the usual, tacky exclamation and confrontation, but there are moments where the script truly shines, thanks to the outstanding performances. Regardless of its flaws, the movie certainly delivers a breathtaking rollercoaster ride of none-stop action and a jaw dropping visuals and the chance to witness Jolie’s CGI naked body.


Beowulf hails as one of the most beautiful and realistic CGI animations ever created. The epic poem is brought entertainingly to life by an extremely gifted cast that provided an array of notable performances, and Zemmeckis’ interpretation is a great testament that fictional history lessons can be fun, even if it means the slaughter of the original script. If you loved 300, then this movie is the second best thing for you.

The Bottom Line


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  1. This review is just what I wanted! I’m going to see this movie this weekend. Sadly, I think it will be cut in quite a few eager-to-see places lol. None the less, great review! I’m sure I’ll enjoy it.


  2. I know it is a great movie, I will be watching it tomorrow insha’allah .. but u can gape at Jolie’s naked body “Non-CGI” In her 2001 movie “Original Sin” . one of my favorites of all times


  3. Posted by Sushi on November 21, 2007 at 7:12 am

    It’s not really only the “one of the most ancient poems in English literature”, it’s actually considered by the British History as the first poem documented in their literature. I saw the trailer while I was at another movie and you’re right it didn’t look like its’ an original depiction of the poem’s events at all, it’s more of the new genre the “making arts in movies” such as the likes of 300.

    Glad you liked it. Might check it out later.


  4. Fantastic! I’m soo gonna see this movie, I have been waiting for it for a while now!


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