To Eat Or Not To Eat?


Since last Saturday, I have been eating to my heart’s content. I’m probably consuming roughly around 2800-3500 calories each day, not to mention the excess fat and carbs, and I’m feeling extremely bad mentally. Usually, I cheat (not always) on weekends when I go out with my friends, but on weekdays I keep a strict 1600-1800 calories diet. I actually have dropped two pant’s size since last month and I was extremely happy when I found out, and I want to maintain that until I return to Kuwait. I want to surprise everybody with my “new look”.  

The problem, how can you not eat when you are on vacation, especially when you are in a cold city like Chicago where eating is a necessity to keep your body’s temperature warm. I know all about moderation but sometimes it’s kinda hard to uphold. Everything seems (and is) delicious around here and there are some cool restaurants I always wanted to try. No wonder Oprah is always having a hard time with her weight when her studio is in a “delicious” place like Chicago (no pun intended). I’m so gonna compensate all of this when I go back home this Saturday. Now, I hear Thanksgiving is today…so…

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  1. loool bi3afyaa i say eat since you are o vacaton ;p


  2. Posted by Sushi on November 22, 2007 at 6:02 am

    O God Angelo! You wrote about a sensitive issue. I’m going through the same turmoil. I’m at my perfect weight and can’t get any perfect-er to be honest but I’m getting so paranoid about any excess calories. I put on 2 extra kilos but it’s nice but now I’m fretting over eating and winter makes me wanna eat everything I see in front of me!


  3. dude just EAT!
    u can always diet later!


  4. Posted by vixenfatale on November 23, 2007 at 3:40 am

    how about if you compensate by working out? or if you have a really heavy lunch just go light on dinner 😛




  6. hmmm I have no clue what my intake is but its a lot
    I need to bring it down, and its tough sticking to a diet on a vacation!


  7. Enjoy the food. I believe the only way to really not eat, is to find an appreciation for hunger! If you find it, you’ll be GOOD to go hehe.


  8. If eating alot is gonna make you feel guilty afterwards..its not worth it! We3 lo3a il feeling ><


  9. God ive been going thru the same thing ;( ive been getting fatter and fatter….i cant stop


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