I cannot believe that I have been away from my blog for more than a month. I certainly have never done that before. As a matter of fact, I have never missed a full month of blogging until now. I won’t bore you with what I have been doing in the past month because if I told you what I have been doing, I’m going to have to kill you. I’m simply going to resume blogging as quietly as possible.


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  1. Posted by Sushi on January 8, 2008 at 11:35 pm

    Welcome back. Your header is not showing. What’s up with the FFX2 pic? 😛


  2. WElcome back… you disappeared for a little while! lol!

    yup the header is all black!


  3. welcome back to the blogging world, I had this problem when I was uploading my new header on the new year.. I found out that I had to use Binary FTP transfer instead of ASCII FTP transfer for it to be decoded properly & show..
    I am not sure what utilizes, but re-upload it , it might work 🙂


  4. Your new header is not showing. I’m glad to know the black is not a personal statement!


  5. @Sushi

    Thanks. It’s nice to be back. Well, the title says “Resurrection” and Yuna and her gang are wearing the White Mage garment. They cast “Life” spell on my blog and brought it to life. I bet you are thinking “Leesh kel hal 3abalah” LOL 😀


    Thanks buddy. I have to be honest, I’m kinda happy that you notice my absence…I feel special LOL 🙂


    Thanks Ope…it’s nice to be back. The problem is fixed now. Enjoy the picture of Colorado’s Rocky 🙂


    LOL I love the color black but not in that angle.


  6. Welcome back!


  7. @N.

    Thanks buddy. It’s nice to be back 🙂


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