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These days, I’m following a morning ritual that puts a nice smile on face and a greedy envy in my heart. I simply wake up at 10:30 in the morning, and after my regular “bathroom routine”, I set behind the TV, channel on the Travel Channel, and a bowl of cereal/plate of waffle on my hand. On 11AM, They air a show called “Passport To Europe” that is featuring a lucky bitch named Samantha Brown that goes everywhere in Europe and dine in the best places out there. I die a little bit inside every time she goes to Italy or France, especially. And for your pleasure and mine, I have made a top ten list about the places I’d like to visit around Europe, in no particular order.

Here’s a question: If I am set to travel to all the places in my list in one trip, alone. How much will it cost me (along with expenses and living costs)?

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  1. Posted by pink on January 10, 2008 at 12:52 am

    its gana be real expensive..i just came from paris and its a killer..a meal for 3 ppl in a small pizza place costs around 30 to 40 i think u should just choose 3 countries near each other for each trip..and its nice to take a friend to share a room expenses cuz a single room and a double room is around the same price in most hotels and also to share taxi rides..and u will travel more safely if with a friend and u get to see the night life of the country.


  2. Posted by pink on January 10, 2008 at 1:08 am

    im sorry..i dnt know why i asumed u r a girl…since u r a guy its much easier for u i guess to stay in less expensive hotels than us girls cuz of the safety thing.


  3. It all depends on your taste and what you plan on doing. To save money I would recommend going by train if at all possible. It’s a nice change to airports if you have never experienced it. The price of hotels varies greatly. In Amsterdam by hotel was around 40KD a night while in Turkey it was about 18KD a night. Different places then where you are going, but same concept. It all depends on you.


  4. Posted by Sushi on January 10, 2008 at 3:53 am

    It is possible for you to visit all these places without spending much if you’re not picky about the types of hotels & transportations.

    I’ve been to many of the places you listed and some of them cost more than the other- put also in consideration which season you’re planning to choose to visit. Pick the right time, prices drop too.

    Also, you didn’t mention anything about Spain. I haven’t been there personallly but the things I read and people’s stories makes it worth visiting too, dont you think?


  5. A lot more then you have! hahaha! Man I’m telling you I have looked into this type of trip before and it has gone over 5 digits (KD) which is insane! You can go backpacking which is great and a lot of fun! Trains and stuff!

    I hope you go to all the places you want to go! 🙂


  6. @Pink

    Thanks for the advice. I’m thinking of backpacking across Europe. I don’t mind in staying cheap hotels as long they are safe.


    These were valuable suggestions. I’d love traveling via Trains, and I don’t mind going far if it means saving some money.


    Oh, how on Earth I forgot to add Spain in my list. I’d love to go to Madrid more than Barcelona if you asked me.


    YES! You read my mind Marzouq. Backpacking seems ideal to me.

    Allah yesma3 menek. I’ll strive hard to go to these places.


  7. These are some wonderful places, I can imagine! Yeah I’d love to see your financial analysis on the issue! :p


  8. @N.

    My current financial analysis says I don’t have a zero chance to go there. Maybe after I establish myself and graduate college and find a decent job…then I can afford to go to these places.


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